IT Band+Pain= Lessons Learned

Well, I haven’t really posted anything on here since my marathon race recap. I am pretty sure that I coasted on that runners high for a few weeks.  I started doing a little bit of running here and there and even got a 6 mile run in last Sunday.  But then….

I was on the treadmill Wednesday after work with a goal of hitting somewhere around 4-5 miles.  I got a little over a mile in and I felt some nagging pain right on the outside of my left knee.  It wasn’t bad at first and I was certain it had more to do with me not paying attention to my form. So I slowed it down a bit and focused on my form and for a second it seemed to help.  Finally I did some walking in between trying to watch my form, but it didn’t do any good.  My knee was killing me and I had to call it after 3.5 miles. 

From what I have read I believe it is an IT band issue and given that the treatments recommended have worked for it, I believe I am correct.  I got an IT band brace and have been wearing it, icing my knee, and using the foam roller.  Most imporantly, even though it is killing me…*sigh* I am not running, doing squats, burpees, etc on it.  The part that kills me is the running, but believe it or not I do enjoy burpees (I’m weird I know, but going from not being able to be that strong and coordinated to being able to do them makes me like them).  Back to the point, I want to run as long in my life as possible so I am doing my best to practice patience and not run.

Research says that I need to wait 3-5 days before attempting to run again, so Monday will be 4 days and I think I will try and do a few minutes of running and see how it goes.  I plan on wearing my brace and focusing on time rather than distance and doing a slower pace with walking in between.       Image

What is the lesson learned here?  To be honest there are several things that I learned in this process:

  1. I am pretty sure this is partially a result of not taking it easy and trying to start running and cross training too early after my marathon.
  2. As strong as my body feels, this is further proof that I need to increase my lean muscle mass and should be doing strength training.
  3. Foam rolling (while painful at times) and stretching are a must to help prevent further irritation and injury.  So even on those days where I don’t feel like I have time or just don’t feel like doing it, I have to make time for it.

Have you injured yourself by pushing too hard in your exercise?  What lessons did you learn from it?


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