Marathon training update; commiting to me

Training is moving right along and I do mean moving.  I got 13.1 miles in today, the plan called for 12, but I had a virtual half to complete so I did that little bit extra.  I found that today I had to take some time and slow my pace as well as walk a tiny bit to keep my strength up.  I don’t know why but the idea of walking during a race really bothers me, but I am not sure I would have finished otherwise. 

Having done this today instead of Saturday does throw my running schedule off a little bit.  Tomorrow I am supposed to run 4 miles and I plan on trying to do that after work, but we will see.  I find that this training is really helping me get to know my body and in a way is like a great experiment.  

One of my friends believes that we have the power to sculpt our bodies with weight lifting, I know that we can influence it’s shape by the foods we eat, and running is showing me how to influence my mental resilience as well.  I had several times today where I considered stopping, in fact I considered stopping before I even started.  I spent that time thinking about the fundraiser that I was running for, the runners that inspire me, and the people I love that can’t run.  I decided to suck it up, go, and keep going.  I love running and no matter what I intend to see this through and finish my marathon. 

I am also doing some changing up of my diet and trying to cut back on my simple carbs, increase the veggies and fruits, and increase my protein.  I met with my friends and they made some suggestions to my diet and one major thing is I really need to focus on cleaner eating.  I have been slacking on that and it is reflecting on my waist line.  It’s strange to me, but I am having to find my motivation to get lean again.  Weight maintenance is not easy, it’s major behavior change and lets face it when you like food as much as I do it adds to the challenge.  Trying to figure out how much is too much and not crossing that line is hard for someone that is food addicted. 

I’m recommitting to me and to getting the healthiest physique I can.  I am also just not satisfied with having the amount of belly that I do; ImageI want to change that.  Changing it and doing the type of eating that will get me there will take commitment as well.  I know the days of the week I struggle with the most when it comes to eating and I plan to do better this week.  I am committed to me…


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  1. Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout
    Jan 27, 2014 @ 19:58:06

    Committed to me — that’s a great phrase. I have a bit of a belly to work on too, and I’m really trying to clean up my eating as well. I’ve done so well for about two weeks and then… the last two days happened. Ah, back on the backwagon! For me, I can’t even have a little bit of sugar or I eat a TON.


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