Marathon Training Update

I am now 103 days away from my first marathon, holy crap!  Yesterday was my first double digit run since I did my half back in November.  The pace was an average of 10:20, not the best I have done, but not the worst.  I’m still doing the occasional hills or speed work, but I honestly forced myself to focus not on increasing speed on this run.  Right now you might be scratching your head asking why?  It’s because I know I must practice self control in pacing myself instead of pushing to hard too fast on long runs.  If I push to hard and too fast I might not make it to the end of my 26.2 journey, and that is not acceptable. 10 mile trainingmarathon (That’s me after I got done showing the number 1 and 0 in case you can’t tell.)

My training schedule is going according to plan so far; next week I get a weekly total of 24 miles in, 11 on Saturday.  Here’s the thing, I just did the math and my current plan has me hitting my highest mileage 26 days early, crud!  So I am going to have to figure out how to extend it by just a bit.  In figuring that out I am also going to have to look at my travel days and the mileage I will need there and how I will work that out.  So I will have to do some research on some other plans and hit up a few of my marathon running expert friends.  I’m not worried, just glad I discovered this now and not a month down the road.  Good news is I will be carb loading while traveling, woohoo road trip snackage!

Beyond that the training is going very well overall.  I am working on the nutrition factor and hope to get some recommendations from a few RD friends of mine soon.  Part of why I worry about it is that I gain all of my weight starting in my mid section, it’s the first place I gain and the last place I lose.  I have noticed that I am gaining there again and that is the last thing I want.  I’m not going to be deterred from my marathon by gaining, I know it’s a matter of figuring out what works well with my body.  I am going to keep up my strength training as well, I know I will be healthier for it and I am getting used to it again.

I am finding that the reluctance or the lack of motivation to get started has really faded away with each new challenge in the plan.  I’m looking forward to the long runs and showing myself that I can do it.  I have also found some new songs to put on my playlist and am working on changing it up with some motivating songs.  Speaking of motivation, I also plan to see if any of my friends or family might want to meet me out on the trail and run next to me or bike next to me starting around mile 20, where I expect to face my biggest challenge.

When you know you have a big challenge coming up, whether it’s physical or mental, how do you prepare or pump yourself up?


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