My training grocery shopping list

This week I have been doing a lot of research in trying to make sure that I am addressing my caloric and nutritional needs correctly for my marathon training.  While I am still sorting out details in the ratios and how many calories to eat I have started doing some planning.  I realized “holy crud!” I need to hit the store to get some of my better quality carbs handy for my long runs.  In fact this is the last week for a while where my long run will be in the single digits.  I really want to make sure that I am refueling my body correctly because I don’t want to feel like death warmed over as I increase my mileage.  Putting in 19 miles or more a week is a real strain on your body, especially when it isn’t something you do all of the time.  I imagine as you get used to it then the difference in calorie intake and the eating becomes more routine, but until then I have to do more planning to make sure I stay on track.  So I thought I would share with you the grocery list that I have come up with of things to stock up on so far.

·         Sweet potatoes- I love eggs in the morning, but don’t do a lot of carbs (or the more complex at least) so I will have those as hash browns instead.

·         Barley- I don’t have much, I am thinking I need to keep some cooked and ready to add to lunches.

·         Pears- I have found that bananas and apples actually cause me (and those around me) distress (me intestinally) so I am forced to find some other options so far I have come up with having pears around and will have to see what is available seasonally.

Quinoa- I haven’t made my protein bars for a bit so I am going to make a batch soon and make sure I have some on hand to cook.

Oatmeal- I can probably change it up and do some oatmeal for breakfast every once and awhile.

Nuts- They are great for a quick snack, throw it in with any fruit and you get a good combo.

Dates- I love these for a long run, they have the sugar to give a nice boost and are a lot cleaner than gu’s.

Brown or black rice- I love both, they have a nice nutty taste and are a great addition to any protein.

Beans- okay well chickpeas for sure (not beans really, but whatever) and I am going to try some other kinds.  I don’t generally like them, but added to the rice with some veggies I think I might.

That is just what I have come up with so far in addition to my regular veggie mix and hummus, I am thinking about other things and would love suggestions from you.  What are some of your favorite healthy carbs and fueling options?


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