5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health in the New Year

All day today I have been contemplating the upcoming year and goals or changes that I want to make.  I spent some time looking back at past posts and races and realized how far I have come. It was May of this year that I decided to take the plunge and train for a half marathon.  I wanted to run for so long, but was anxious about it because of my knees.  I also started studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer shortly afterwards.  Both major goals for me that I was nervous about but was able to accomplish.  Heck I even did two 10ks and two 5ks this year.

This year my focus is building muscle, learning to ride a bike, and completing a marathon.  I have to be honest, it may be the one and only marathon I ever do, I am not sure, but I want to be able to do it even just once.  I also want to work on my blog more, increase my clean eating, and am thinking of setting a mileage goal of 1,000 miles for the year all in an effort to continue to support my health (mental and physical).  So how about you, what type of goals do you want to set for the year when it comes to your health?  Or does the thought of setting long term goals make you nervous?
If you are struggling with figuring it out I have a few suggestions for you.  They are small changes that can add up to a healthier you in the end. 

  1. Focus on moving more each day; 10,000 steps is the goal or exercising most days of the week (4-5 days).  Don’t necessarily worry about a gym membership, if nothing else get a good pair of shoes and go for a walk.  When I was on vacation this week and running around the strip it really struck me how many people chose to take the elevator, escalator, and handicap ramps rather than the stairs.  Many of the people had no apparent reason they couldn’t have done the stairs I can guarantee the stairs would have helped burn off the calories they were eating/drinking.  Here are two Youtube links to check out with quick and easy exercises that you can do at home with little to no equipment: FitnessBlender & Fitknitchick
  2. Do something nice for yourself once a day.  Whether it is taking a nice stroll, taking time to read a chapter or two of your favorite book, or something manly that I just can’t think of right now.  It’s okay to take a little bit of time for you and will probably make you a nicer person for the people around you.
  3. Cut out at least one sugary or non water drink a day; if you normally have a few sodas a day (diet or full strength) or sports drink of some kind, replace one of those with water.  I won’t go into the reasons to not drink them at all, lets start small and realistic. Perhaps with lunch have a glass of water instead of your soda.
  4. Start eating breakfast; seriously it’s named for breaking the fast that you have had overnight.  I know many people just aren’t that hungry in the morning (I have never experienced this myself, but I hear it can happen), just grab a piece of fruit and nuts or toast with peanut butter.  It doesn’t have to be a huge meal, but fuel your body.
  5. Track your food intake for one week or for three days in one week. There are all kinds of handy aps you can use, but a pen and paper work just as well.  If you want to go all out and figure out the calorie intake do it, if not just write it down for a few days to give you awareness.

Do you have any helpful tips or small steps you are willing to take to help you get healthier in mind and body?


    2 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. Shira Miller
      Dec 31, 2013 @ 16:53:30

      Great tips!!! For me, it is all about involving my mind too and journaling for an extra does of support. Happy New Year!


    2. Yum Yucky
      Dec 31, 2013 @ 19:02:13

      Do something nice for myself. Yes indeed. I really need more of that in my life. Happy new year!


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