Getting super with supersets

I am loving life!!!  Today has been an awesome and stress free day, I truly let myself relax and it has been awesome.  I don’t know about you all, but usually from the time I get up until I crash at night I am go go go!  Not so today, and it felt wonderful; I got what I needed done and a nice resistance workout as well.  Honestly the only thing that would have made it perfect was a mid day run, but I chose to let myself relax.  The other reason I hung out inside was to finally finish up with my own workout or fitness plan, something I have been putting off while studying.  Now that I am done I am putting my knowledge to use by using some supersets! So for all of you who might be wondering here is the plan:

Monday: Chest/shoulder/triceps supersets- barbell bench press & stability ball pushups/shoulder press machine & single leg dumbbell scaption/supine bench barbell triceps extension & prone ball dumbbell triceps extension.  Also run one mile as a warm up and self myfascial release before and after along with active stretching. I plan to pay particular attention to a few of my tighter muscles like hip flexors that I know are affected by running.

Tuesday: Run a minimum of 4 miles, preferably more depending on time; also 2 sets of reverse crunches and prone iso abs (aka planks).

Wednesday: Legs supersets- barbell squats & single leg squats.  Also the running and stretching like above.

Thursday: Run a minimum of 4 miles, preferably more. (Soon this day will get a little shorter for me so it should work great to get some mileage in.) Also 2 sets of reverse crunches and prone iso abs (aka planks).

Friday: Rest day or cross training; it’s a long work day so I will have to play it by ear.

Saturday: My long run day, the goal will always be for 8 miles or more; I have to start building up again in preparation for my marathon.

Sunday: Biceps/back supersets- seated 2 arm biceps curl & single leg barbell curl/seated lat pull down & standing cable row.  Again all of the stretching and warm ups as stated above. Also 2 sets of reverse crunches and prone iso abs (aka planks).

That’s the basic plan for the next 4-6 weeks, at that point I will have to take a look at modifying things to allow for more running, but keep building lean muscle mass. One of the things you need to look at when building your own program or getting assistance in building one is what is your goal?  Really that is the most important thing to look at.  For me the increased lean muscle mass is really important.  I am by no means fat, I hover between 145-150 and am generally good with that.  What I want to see change is that I have more body fat than I do muscle.  I want to be stronger and to have some nice definition.  There are so many options of exercises and how to lay your program out.  I picked some exercises that I enjoy, yet find challenging and the amount of sets/reps/load will change as I go along if needed.  Before you know it I will have my guns back and will be back on track to do a pullup.

Some of the goals of resistance training beyond increasing lean muscle mass are also to increase stabilization endurance, increase prime muscle mover strength, improve overall work capacity, and enhance joint stabilization.  I chose using supersets because I like the challenge and want to increase my muscular hypertrophy and my muscular endurance.  All of these things will help me with running and more importantly (can’t believe I said that) is it will help me with my daily functioning as well.  There are plenty of ways to connect with a trainer to get some guidance for your goals.  I know several that do some online guidance and most gyms have certified trainers as well.

As always I hope you have a great week and you got to get some food prep done this weekend.  Me, I made turkey chilli and I tried something new, I threw mushrooms in it.  I also put together some overnight oats, I threw in some pumpkin butter to give a nice taste.  They both smell great so here’s hoping they taste awesome too! Enjoy your Monday and I will see you all tomorrow. 😉 


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  1. Sarah
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 12:41:55

    This looks like a great plan! I haven't sone much training divided up by muscle groups (back, legs, etc.) because my workouts are so sporadic I feel like I should do a full body workout every chance I get in case I don't get another workout in for a while. I have crazy-tight hip flexors too — I'm trying to add in yoga to help with that. There are lots of good free videos on


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