Well folks I decided that I needed to make an effort to post today since I have been slacking as of late and the post on Sunday kind of shared where my mind has been recently.  I am a strong believer in managing your chronic conditions whether they are physical or mental.  This is one way that I will work on that with depression and to spread a bit of cheer.  I don’t often join in with the thankfulness posts on FB or New Years resolutions, they seem too temporary to me.  Today however, I am going to share a list of things with you that I am thankful for, not just because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but because it is a part of positive self-management, I always encourage thankfulness.

  • God- I am not doing the cheesy award speech thing here that makes me roll my eyes.  I truly am thankful for God and the foundation of belief that my parents gave me and that I developed on my own.  God helps me to know that there is a purpose to life and reminds me that no matter what I do I am loved.  I hope that you have some kind of spiritual aspect to your life that provides you comfort and purpose, whether you and I believe in the same God or not.

  • Family- I love my family and could not ask for better parents or a brother.  They have always been supportive and are not afraid to tell me that they love me.  I can’t wait to Skype with them tomorrow.

  • My boyfriend- I love him dearly, he makes me laugh, he calls me out when I need it, he loves my cat, and he supports me.  He also helps me to keep my calm instead of freaking out with anxiety.  I look forward to many years to come with him.

  • Friends- I have some pretty awesome friends in my life.  Some of them are close friends that I have known most of my life and others are close that I haven’t known long.  We are meant to have people in our lives.

  • My cat- I don’t have kids, but I am a cat mama.  I love how she won’t leave me alone, follows me from room to room, and snuggles up close to me at night.  She also loves my boyfriend and if I am not around they cannot be separated.

  • My blogging ladies- they are awesome ladies that have supported me and been great in answering my questions about the blogging and Twitter world.  Thank you Pamela, Suzanne, Shira, Sarah, Toni, and Kristen.  I hope to meet those that I haven’t face to face some day.  Each of you is inspiring and encouraging in your own way, I’m very glad to be associated with you.

  • My health- Despite the annoying cold I have right now, in general I am a very healthy and active woman.  I am so much farther than I was in the past and I need to remember that even when frustrated.  I mean I was able to run 13.1 miles non-stop and not die, I love that I can push my body and it responds.  I love the freedom it provides me and I will keep going as long as I can.

  • The little and not so little things- My job where I help other people, helping others has been my whole career and that makes me blessed.  My favorites like Peppermint tea, coffee, FB to stay in touch with people, my car, all those little conveniences that make life comfortable.  I remember what it was like to not be able to go out and get stuff or repairs done without a panic attack to figure out how.  I am so very blessed now.

  • My readers- I know who a few of you are, but many of you I don’t know. I feel honored that you would be willing to read my ramblings and I hope that I provide something back to you for all you provide to me.

I also love that as I was writing this I thought of more and more positive things, but had to stop myself so this isn’t too many pages long.  I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving, try not to over eat, and have fun.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gary
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 02:47:14

    I am most thankful for my wife and my two incredible grown children — of which you are one!!!


  2. Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 03:14:27

    This is a beautiful post, Jenn. I am thankful to have met you too. You're a shining light of positivity and your wisdom has helped my perspective a number of times. Thanks for being YOU! XO


  3. Pamela
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 15:40:58

    What a wonderful post! You've got so much joy in your life, thank you for sharing it! Thankful for you today!


  4. Desiree - Finding the Skinny Geek Within
    Nov 29, 2013 @ 20:45:12

    Great post! Happy belated Thanksgiving!


  5. Shira Miller
    Dec 01, 2013 @ 19:00:14

    Such a great list and a terrific reminder of what we all have to be thankful for. You radiate love and support; no wonder your family, boyfriend, cat, in-person buddies and us blogsphere cheerleaders all enjoy rallying around you. Hope you had a great Vegas-style turkey day!


  6. Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian
    Dec 01, 2013 @ 22:30:28

    Aww…thanks! I am thankful for you and your friendship too!I love your list. So much to be thankful for! 🙂


  7. Sarah
    Dec 02, 2013 @ 12:20:16

    This is a wonderful list of things to be thankful for! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. And now… Monday morning… back at it!


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