Sunday food prep and workout recap

Oh my goodness I am tired today!  After yesterday’s run I got up early and did a 2 mile run with my friends and then breakfast (of course).  I have to say my knee was a bit touchy when I started off, but as I got going it felt much better.  I feel like my body is bouncing back much easier from my long runs and it seems wild to me still that I can run 12 miles and not die or feel like it at least!  I ended up with over 30,000 steps yesterday by the end of the day!  With the improvements I see I totally believe that a marathon is realistic and I can’t wait to break the 13 mile barrier, which is the furthest I have gone so far (13.1, gotta throw that in there).  Even though my marathon training plan has me doing 14-15 miles just before my half marathon, I am not sure that I will push it that far until after the half.  I don’t want to hurt myself before I get to do the half that I have been dying to finish.  I have learned a lesson in all this that I didn’t really expect: I picked a half marathon that was way too far away (time wise) for my first half.  I mean I am thrilled beyond belief to make my first half special, but I really think the first one would be special no matter which one it was.  There was just too much time between making the goal and when I actually get to achieve it, again a lesson learned.

That being said I plan to hit some half marathons between now and when I do my full marathon next year.  I think if I fill it with several races it will keep me distracted enough to satisfy my desire to run.  I have to look at the races in the area and pick a few out soon so I have a good plan.  I also plan to take some of this time in between to focus on building more muscle and becoming a more well rounded athlete.  I am not short on goals with exercise there is no doubt.

As for my Sunday food prep I did my usual cutting up a ton of veggies to go with hummus.  I also went with soup again, with a slight variation.  I took out the kale (forgot about it until it was a bit late) & the sweet potatoes and then added quinoa & mushrooms.  Still packed full of goodness with other veggies and some power house foods.  I also made some egg sandwiches for my breakfast and threw some veggies in them, it’s a great way to add veggies to your meals.  Then for fun I made banana muffins for the family, the bananas were almost done for so I had to do something with them.  I even made a casserole for dinner tonight with some leftovers since I was on a re-purposing food kick. 

This week’s runs will be 3m/6m/3m with one of the 3 being some speed work.  Monday after work I will be doing some body weight and over all body strength building, and then do some hitting on the punching bag.  Next Saturday I will be doing a 10k with several ladies in my running group and I can’t wait.  There won’t be a breakfast afterwards, but it will be fun to race and know some people at the race.  I hope you all had a great week!


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  1. Sarah
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 19:53:26

    Nice work on your food prep! I used to be so good about doing that, but it's kind of gotten away from me since having my baby. I didn't have to prep so much in advance when I was on maternity leave, but now I'm back at work almost full time and I really need to get back to it.


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