I should be doing…

Okay so I had fully intended to workout today after work, really I swear, but it didn’t happen.  I got home and got busy, which is exactly why I usually do my workout first thing in the morning.  So I am sitting here kicking myself a bit, but knowing what happened (or didn’t) is done.  I have a plan though and I am again putting it out there so I have more accountability to do it, I find when I make a commitment out loud I am more likely to follow through.

A friend of mine Suzanne at Workout Nirvana gave me some good suggestions on how to increase or support my running abilities and stability with some exercises.  She found a site and suggested I check it out and see how these workouts do for increasing my core strength and overall body strength.  I finally looked through the videos and I like them!  Here are the links that you might want to check and I found as I looked through this progression and other videos that Coach Jay Johnson put together.

So tomorrow I am getting up earlier than I need to and I will go out back and do the video to start the 8 week progression and I will punch the bag around a bit.  Then at lunch I will do my 3 miles for half of the lunch, thus getting two workouts in one day.  If it works well I may just keep up that routine and keep Monday as a rest day, we will have to see. 

So I know I should be working out right now instead of tying this and checking email, etc. but there it is.  Now I have to go get stuff together for the day and get my Eteach for NASM set up.  I decided I needed a bit more help in grasping everything so I enrolled.  It’s an investment I felt was worth it.  I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and I will catch you on Wednesday.


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