Getting back into resistance training

I’ve been working on (for awhile) trying to increase my motivation and actually getting out and doing more in the area of resistance.  I used to enjoy it at one point, but somewhere along the way I lost the enjoyment.  I think because I found such enjoyment and such a release from the running that I find it hard to balance my efforts out.  Back in the day it was a challenge for me that I wanted to conquer, I’m trying to change this and find things that I want to help me get motivated.  I still want to be able to do a pull up, I wouldn’t mind being able to do some more challenging pushups as well.  Anyway looking at my schedule, you have no idea how much stuff I have to schedule, I have an outline of a plan that I think will be realistic:

  • Monday is technically a rest day for me, however it is a short work day most weeks.  Because of that I think it will be a good day for me to do some strength training.  I can do it either at home or at the gym and I am finally going to get a kettle bell, find some good videos on Youtube for it and get my punching bag back up.  This way if I have to head home to babysit I can be around the house but able to workout.  I am even considering getting a hula hoop to play with as well.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I will continue with running using my Hal Higdon training program.  
  • Friday I may do a walk or a short jog, no more than 1 mile really and I will do it during my lunch so I can get up and out of the office.
  • Saturday/Sunday I will make a long run day or some kind of cross training.  My gym has yoga and I am determined to make it one of these days, I really enjoyed yoga in the past.

I really want to overcome this and knowing that I have come this far and done it in the past tells me I can.  I just need to find things that are forms of resistance that I enjoy.  As for the running and working towards my marathon, I got up super early and got my 5 miles in.  I got a faster time and really pushed myself to do a faster pace!  Tomorrow I will do at the gym so I can do some speed work for part of the run.


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