The joy of running and perspectives

This last week was a rough one here in the desert.  Nothing to do with the weather, in fact it was perfect running weather, but I had a loved one who got hurt and he ended up in the hospital in order to have a nail put in his femur.  He’s fine now thankfully, but it wore us all out.  The hospital is no place to try and get rest.  There were some good people at this hospital, but the over all care often sucked.  Needless to say by the end of his stay, my having to miss work, getting very little work, and not being able to run made me a very grouchy woman. 

Then Friday came….blessed Friday with it’s beautiful weather and an hour lunch break to run in.  I cannot tell you how much it recharged my batteries to be able to get out there.  I think it was possibly one of my best runs in terms of how much I enjoyed it.  Even though I was running in some nasty wind I considered it resistance training (a friend posted that about her run the same day I totally stole this from her).  It was like with every step I took I could feel and I pictured stress just dropping off of me.  I could see it…anxiety…the hospital…the worry…the tiredness…plop all behind me as I ran.  I felt such joy and I find it hard to express how it felt other than that word JOY. 

Today I got to run again and this time it was for a good cause as well as my enjoyment.   My stinking Nike+ kept crashing and even my Mapmyrun didn’t work.  I saw that my time was 30 minutes and a few seconds, but I am not sure of the exact time.  I am trying to find out if the times are posted somewhere so I can get it.

During this run (in my new Swirlgear yellow tshirt) I was talking to another runner
we got to pace each other and we discussed how much we loved running.  It was again such a wonderful thing to feel someone understood me.  It’s a great thing when you can get someone to not look at you like you are insane when you call running 10+miles fun.  It felt like total confirmation that I was doing something wonderful, that my choice to push past fear and go for it is the right thing for me.  We also discussed perspective in life changing and the metaphor it gave us.  When you first push past your usual limits and go 5 miles or 8 miles it kicks your butt and you feel like you might die.  But after awhile having pushed yourself to meet this challenge often enough it seems easy.  The first time we try new things it may very well kick us in the butt.  However when we do it again and again an continue to stretch ourselves in the end we look back and think that thing that kicked my butt, now it’s no longer the big bad scary thing.  In life it really is about perspective and facing fears. 

*By the way totally loved this Swirlgear shirt too, it was just right in the temperature and comfort levels that I was looking for.  I kind of wish I had gone out on a limb and gotten the medium, but was concerned it might run kind of small so I got the large.  So far in the tops, partially because I do have some belly fat hanging around from weighing so much, the large is more comfortable.


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