Starting fresh and if you want it you gotta work for it

So with last week throwing me (I really am not trying to whine) I went out for a long run today.  Well, it didn’t end up being as long as I hoped.  I ended up stopping just under 6 miles a few miles short of what I had wanted to do.  While I was running I did get to enjoy the company of some nice ladies again and one of them brought her son (he biked the whole time and probably did at least 4 miles), it was fun and I am glad that I did it.  It also gave me some time to think, a danger with running long distances.  I made a few decisions about my marathon training/fitness and my running in general.

  • I’m starting fresh as of Monday with my marathon training.  If I am honest, my training plan really kind of fell apart way before last week with some slacking going on.  I didn’t make the mileage last weekend either, not that the trail running didn’t kick my butt.
  • If I want to get faster or get rid of more belly flab I have to put in the work.  I have to be more on track with clean eating in more than two meals a day for instance.  As for the speed, I really have to get past my whole not liking hills thing because they work.  I can swap out my occasional speed work on the treadmill for some hills so that if I want to do a more challenging race I am prepared.  You won’t get the results if you don’t put in the work period.  This also means yet again putting more of a commitment into resistance training, again something that works.  I mean who doesn’t want to have muscles and thus strong bones?
  • I’m going to get more help for my NASM studies.  I really enjoy it and I really want to pass it, but I am struggling with it because I am more of a classroom learner.  They have a program that I am going to get into before I run out of time on my exam.  I am also going to knuckle down on studying for lunch.

No massive breakthroughs here really, but all of this is stuff I have been considering when it comes to doing things to take care of me.  The thinking helped me appreciate the fact that I can start fresh, a beautiful attribute we have as humans. We can hold on to the past with all of the pain or mistakes we might make or we can embrace the chance to start new on a daily basis.  The same thinking reminds me, if I want it I have to work for it.


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