Trailrunning Sunday and Swirlgear to the rescue

Where to start, lets see I think I will start with it snowed.  Yup, it’s Vegas and yup it’s September, but it was snowing on the trail this morning.  No one in the group expected it at all and a few were in the usual gear for this time of year out here shorts and a t shirt.  We met at the pre crack of dawn and drove to the mountains outside of Vegas.  They are very lovely and if you are looking for something different than the Strip or Fremont I highly recommend them.  On the way there we drove through a mini sand storm, not totally unusual, and the temperature on the car went down and down and down. 

As we drove along first it was rain and then it was snow, thank goodness I had my Swirlgear hoodie!  I had hoped to get my other Swirlgear to take with, but it didn’t make it just yet.  I am sure for my next trail run with the group I will have them and it will be warmer since it won’t be in the mountains.  The plan for today’s training did call for 9 miles, but with the cold and snow we opted not to go up the steeper side trail to get the 3 more miles.  I am proud of myself in that I did run most of it, the pace was obviously way different since I was dealing with elevation, snow, and the edge of a mountain.  I also am so incredibly glad this group of ladies found me (one of them is also a Swirlgear Ambassador) and I decided to go.  We had a lot of fun and the burn in my legs is a good pain.  The coffee and breakfast afterwards helped us warm up nicely and was great company as well. 

Now for the Swirlgear hoodie, like I said thank goodness I had it.  I had a sleeveless shirt underneath and capri shorts on so the layers helped, but if it weren’t for the hoodie I would have been frozen!  The hood was great to keep my head warm and the sleeves are long with holes for your thumbs.  They covered my hands very well and kept them nice and warm.  The material allowed for warmth and was breathable too.  For example I was definitely working up a sweat, but didn’t end up getting cold or damp from it.  I love the color as well and their symbol is cute too.  The stitching was nice, it’s pretty solid, and it came through the wash just fine.  I do believe I will end up getting their black jacket since it’s made of the same fabric and very stylish.  One thing you will discover is that you don’t want cotton to work out in, it will leave you sweaty and damp.  The fabric in the Swirlgear is Polyester/Spandex mix so it wicks the moisture away.  Now all I need is to find some running tights to complete my winter jogging attire.  Swirlgear is also looking to expand their line so I am looking forward to seeing what else they come out with.  If you want to purchase some make sure to use the code Swirlon when you check out so you can get free ground shipping.

All in all it was a great day and I am glad I got up at 4 am to do this.  In a few weeks they are doing another trail and they will be doing a 10k that I may sign up for.  It would be a few weeks away from my half so I think it would be good.  Which leads me to say, OMG my half marathon is coming fast! 


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