Week two of 26.2 training and BIG NEWS!

Finally a moment to sit down and post!  Believe it or not I really enjoy being able to share with you all and include you in my journey to stay fit for life.  Today was the first run day of week two in my goal to finish 26.2.  It was an easy 3 mile run where I didn’t focus on pace or speed yet and I just plugged in the earphones and got lost in the songs and the moments.  I knew the path I would take would easily get me 3 miles so I didn’t stress out about which direction to go or whether to go out and back.  I have to say with the weather and the ease of it all this was one of the best runs I have done.  It showed too, because at the end when I checked my tracker I did a faster pace without trying!  Only once did I make sure to speed up, but that was more about the obviously mentally ill homeless gentleman that was starting to pace around in my path (it’s a big city it happens).  *Stepping up on soap box* If you ever want to help out a population homelessness is a great place to start.  That has been by far my favorite population I ever worked with to help them try and get out of homelessness and to stop the cycle.  They have nothing so when they gain something it’s a major achievement. There are plenty of charities in most cities and towns that help and they could use your help too. *Steps off soapbox*

Anyway, I do plan to start some speed work this week.  I got a tip from a runner/running coach I follow on FB.  She also has a website Cross My Heart Fitness, she likes to look at the physical and spiritual side of fitness and nutrition.  Everything I have read from her is very uplifting and encouraging, I highly suspect she is one of those people who just have a good soul.  I really like those types of people, they help you to reframe to the positive in life. Anyway, based on some suggestions she gave me I am going to implement some speed work once a week on my 3 mile runs.  I also am going to focus on making sure I get the proper ratio of carbs and proteins when I finish my long runs so they don’t wipe me out so much and my body can repair like it should.  Tomorrow I am going to take my opportunity to run my 5 miles for the week instead of trying to do 3/3/5.  The training schedule has it specified a certain way I am sure, I just have to work around family stuff some weeks. 

Now for the exciting news!  I am now an Ambassador for Swirlgear!!!!  I am so excited, this is the first group I am connecting with and I am just getting started, but I love their style and love that they are specific for women.  I will have more details later in a blog and on my FB and Twitter but right now you can get a discount on their gear with a code I have to share with you, write it down it’s swirlon put the code in when checking out to get the discount, it’s super easy trust me I even figured it out.  I will post a whole review for you as soon as I can along with pictures.  If you want to look for yourself follow the hyperlink and browse (shop) away!


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