How to understand your runner loved one

When you run long distances you have a lot of time to think, the longer the run the more the time obviously.  Well today’s 8 mile run inspired some thinking about the differences in how a runner thinks versus a non runner or never want to be a runner individual.  It’s not like we are from Mars and you are from Venus, but there are some differences and as I read other peoples FB and Twitter feed it is becoming apparent that we (runners) often hear the same things from you (non runners).  So I thought maybe I could help you understand us as I am still a relatively new runner and still headed into the obsession (okay seriously my boyfriend and I just discussed how he was holding on to some fundage right now so I don’t blow it on new sneakers, truth ouch!).

Here are just a few thoughts and as I think of more I will probably add them to a future post:

  • If you don’t understand why we run just ask.  There are a lot of reasons and they vary depending on the runner.  Many times it’s the one way or time we do something just for us.  The rest of our time is spent caring for others, which we love and wouldn’t trade for anything, but when we run it gives us something you almost can’t explain.  I’m a caregiver for a loved one, this running is my time to make sure I take care of me and it relieves my stress.  Now, there are times we run for those that can’t because of their illnesses or injuries, those times you just can’t express the feelings, but it is awesome.
  • Yes I would/do/have spent a lot of money on hydration gear, heart rate monitor/watches, sneakers, socks, pants/shorts, and shirts.  Lets face it, you spend your money on stuff that would make me question your sanity so lets call it a wash here (Xbox, cameras, super special car and audio stuff, etc. need I go on?).  Just know that it’s stuff that may be pricey but will serve me well and will last a long time (well except the shoes).
  • Even if I look like I am walking in my race picture, I promise you I am running.  I’m not sure what you expect to see, maybe just a blur on film?  Say that I look like I am walking and you might get at the very least a look of death.
  • The term PR stands for personal record, if your runner loved one uses this term it means they did a faster run than they had before for that length of time.  We mostly set goals against ourselves rather than others, not that I wouldn’t mind coming in earlier than the people around me and higher in my age group.
  • If we complete a long run, in other words the longest distance for the week, we WILL be hungry and will probably eat all day.  Relax it doesn’t mean we are blowing a diet or going to blow up, we need to refuel our energy stores so our body can repair itself for future runs, exercise, and daily activities. It’s simply an added bonus that we can eat a lot that day!
  • We are a supportive community.  It doesn’t matter where you live or go if you are out running you do the nod or wave as a non runner it is acceptable for you to nod or wave to me as well. Heck you really want to make our day give the thumbs up (I got that today and loved it).
  • Yes if we are running a race we paid for it.  Most of the time it goes to charity so it really is no big deal, we pay for the fun and privilege of being able to get out there.
  • Finally we come in ALL shapes & sizes and go at all speeds.  You cannot always tell a runner by looking at them, it’s when you talk to us that we really identify ourselves.  Overweight, skinny, muscles, slow, and fast runners all exist, we are family. We run a few miles to 100’s of miles all because we can and it’s fun.
My first try at my longest distance so far, yup fun!

 I hope this helps and I will put this out there if you are a runner or not how can I help you understand your running loved one?  Btw my birthday is coming soon and running gear and/or gift certificates will be accepted, HA!


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