Marathon training day 3

Only a short post tonight, it’s been a long few days helping to cover for people at work so I am a bit bushed!  I am working on my marathon training, it’s day 3 (the rest day started the training so it was a bit weird for me) I got 3 miles in today and 3 yesterday and focused on doing a faster pace than usual.  I really want to be able to finish the Rock and Roll half in at least 2 and a half hours so I need to work on my pace.

I discovered that in fact my Fitbit may be more accurate than the treadmill, major surprise right?  I used my Nike+ today while doing my run and it and the Fitbit agreed.  Oh well, so that means some  of my runs in the past were not as long as I thought.  This is even more of a reason that I want to get a GPS/heart rate monitor.  I hope to get it soon so that I can use it to help me track my pace for training as well.

I know a lot of people today were able to run 9.11 miles in honor of the day, I honestly didn’t have time with the responsibilities that I had.  I applaud those that did and focused on their reason for doing the run.  For them it was more than the symbology of the amount, it was to spend time contemplating that day, the loss, and the sacrifices made since. I hope in whatever way you also took some time to reflect and maybe say a prayer for those still directly affected.

I also want to thank those of you who take time out to read my humble posts, I greatly appreciate it and welcome your comments.

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