New goals and Sunday food prep

Okay let me start with this to clarify, yes I have been running long distances I have been training for a half marathon.  Now I have decided that I will in fact start my training for a marathon starting tomorrow. DUN DUN DUN!!!!  That should have been read very dramatically in your head, if you could go Morgan Freeman or even better James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader if you are young and don’t know) that would help.

I am very excited to move forward in my training with this.  I really enjoy every time I set a goal or a new challenge and meet it.  True my time on my trial 13.1 wasn’t what I wanted, but I did it and felt good.  I have to figure out some ways to help my body recuperate better afterwards though.  I may not have stored up my carbs and hydrated as well as I should have for that run and I believe I probably need to take a bit more food for fuel with me or have more before.  The good news is that I am getting the hang of it, finding more resources, and will figure it out.

Technically with the schedule I am using, Hal Higdon again, it says tomorrow is a rest day.  Unfortunately today was a rest day and since it made me feel like a slob I am going to do a bit of resistance and stretching.  I know I need some stretching because of yesterday’s several hour workout demonstration for my job and then my 5 mile run afterwards.  I did stretch after the run, but can really feel it in my legs today.  Ironically I was studying most of the day about the reason for flexibility training.  Really made the point that I need to take care of that part of my body especially with the strain I will be putting on it.  The HH program I am going to try is the Novice 2 and if it seems to be a bit much I will step it back to the Novice 1.  The thing that concerns me at this point is my pace and doing some training there.  As a result I will be doing more research to work my pace up a bit.  I know if I get better at doing the resistance and cross it will help as well.

So just a quick note on my prep for the week.  I had time today to get some protein bars done, so I am totally happy about that.  I used my sunflower butter instead of chunky peanut and added a tiny bit of my hemp protein powder as well.  It tasted super good when I was making it and licked the spatula afterwards.  I also made some hummus to go with the massive amount of celery/carrots/peppers that I cut up.  With the hummus I used Lean Green Bean Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic with Sweet Potato as my base, alas I was not adventurous enough (read lazy) to do the sweet potato part.  I had some roasted red peppers from yesterday’s fajita dinner so I threw those in with my mix along with sunflower butter instead of tahini.  It came out, not surprisingly nutty tasting, but good.  I made a small batch to last the week since I was unsure of the changes I was making.  Tomorrow I will have a friend who has a great pallet check it out and if it’s good I will share.  Along with that I have the usual chicken and some left over quinoa and some sweet potatoes to microwave in a pinch.  I also have made some overnight oatmeal for my dinner tomorrow.  The next two days are late work days and I found it worked well to eat just before my group and not end up going home starving. 

On that note, not sure when I will get to post again, but I will be around, I hope you have a great week!


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