Slacker Friday

I feel like an absolute slacker not coming up with a big post today.  I have a few things turning in my head but very little energy to do anything.  Tomorrow I actually have to interrupt my vacation to work a few hours.  Although I really would rather not work it will be for a great cause.  I will be helping demonstrate some basic ways to exercise for beginners who are starting a weight loss challenge.  Afterwards I will do some running, since it will be late in the day it will be at the gym.

Here’s my advise for the day though, when you do a few days out and about don’t forget to get some sleep and find some healthy options to eat.  I am certain that part of my feeling sluggish is that I didn’t do too hot with healthy food choices.  I am not saying it wasn’t good….but not exactly clean eating.

So here is to tomorrow as a fresh start.  I will do my food prep for the next week (I plan to make some hummus and some protein bars).  For the hummus I am going to try to use sunflower butter instead of tahini, I hope it comes out okay, and I will let you know.  Anyway, have a great evening and I will post something a bit more meaningful later this weekend.


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