Woohoo!!! 13.1 done!

I am seriously just now really getting to sit down after a long day today.  As I told you all I decided I wanted to see if I could run the miles I needed for a half marathon.  I am a bit anal that way and even though I believe people when they said, you did 10 you can do the 13.1, I felt like I had to try.  I finished in in 2:46:32 with a pace of 12:43, much slower than I hoped.

I got up super early, in particular super early for the first day of vacation and a Saturday.  I was up by 5:45 and fueling shortly afterwards with some almond butter and bread.  I then started getting ready, which took less time since I prepped by filling my Camelbak the night before and laying out my stuff.  I know again it seems totally anal and controlling, but I just know I don’t think clearly that early in the AM.  I had to do the run that early because it’s Vegas and still warm out (for at least 2 more months).  I want to run, but I don’t want to give myself heat exhaustion.

As it turns out my boyfriend was correct and the way I went started me off going UPHILL for the first 6 miles.  Between that and all the crosswalks because my route took me through major intersections here in Vegas it killed my pace.  The way back home was so much nicer since it was all downhill.  I took a few dates with me in a baggie and some Jelly Belly energy beans.  I must say I really liked them and think they helped me out a lot along the way.  Before I left I did half a 5 hour energy shot, that I think is what ended up causing me digestive issues later.  I haven’t had one of those in about a year so it probably wasn’t the best move to drink it, thank goodness I only drank about half.  I had Nuun in my water, two tablets for good measure and it was nice and cool from my water bladder sitting in my fridge overnight. 

The run itself was actually pretty nice, there were a few spots that weren’t so pretty, but part of the way was nice and shaded and surrounded by real grass and trees (you don’t always get that here).  It made me really want to do some trail running before it gets too cold on the mountains.  I also really appreciated the cheers from friends through Nike+.  I had to laugh at the timing of some of the cheering crowds because one hit during Rolling Stones singing “Paint it Black”, really didn’t fit the song at all!

I finished up just soaked in sweat and still laughing at the irony of the fact that even a few years ago I would have hated being sweaty at all.  I proudly walked in to my favorite coffee joint, ordered my latte, a banana, and water while dripping with sweat.  I kept moving all day and stretching; I think compression socks are very much in my future to help out with the leg pain.  I had enough energy to cook dinner and make a coffee cake from scratch. I have also ended up with 32,520 steps to pretty much end my day.  It’s been awesome to be able to prove to myself that I could do this.  I can’t wait to try it maybe one more time before I have the race in November.  To console myself on the time and well because I wanted to relax I am ending the day relaxing with a cold beer.


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