What worked for me

I have thought a lot off and on about what inspired me to get started on this lifestyle change and I have shared a few of the reasons in the posts I have done.  When it comes down to it I am not really sure that it was one thing in particular that started me, but there are things I have done consistently that have helped me along the way.  I thought it might be helpful to share those things with you so you can see if they might work for you.  Remember, because it worked for me doesn’t guarantee anything for anyone else.

  1. I started off working out with a friend- The company helped me a lot to stay motivated and interested in what I was doing.  In short it made working out fun and it kept me accountable.
  2. I used Calorie King, a scale, measuring cups, and learned how to read a label- yup I counted, weighed, measured, and learned to read labels so I could figure out what a real portion size was.
  3. I asked for help- I got a trainer at one point while working at weight loss and they helped keep me motivated and gave me some great tips.
  4. I acknowledged and changed some attitudes- I sought comfort, happiness, and excitement from food.  Once I started looking closely at that and found better ways to address those gaps I started changing my relationship with food.  I also started calling myself out on self sabotage, which I did frequently, and stopped doing it.  I am that person who drove through a Mc Donald’s drive thru and said I didn’t need anything when they came over the speaker.  I think that was when I really stopped self sabotaging.
  5. I made myself a priority- no longer did my need to take care of myself get shuffled to the side.  I made sure that I ate healthier and exercised.  I made it so much of a normal thing that my boyfriend and his family joked about whether or not I was going to work out after driving back from a road trip this summer.  In truth I forced myself to go home and rest since I had to work the next day, but I wanted to.

All of these things helped me change my lifestyle and kept me on track even when I didn’t feel like it.  We are creatures of habit so if you change it and pick a better habit then you may find some luck.  I no longer measure my food, I haven’t found that I need to anymore.  I still ask for help from experts and I am training to be a CPT so I have a good knowledge base to use for myself and others.  My health and care are still a priority, they have to be because this is the only body I get and I can’t help care for others if I don’t.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be running 13+ miles and if you follow me on Twitter I will be using Nike+ which will allow you to send me a message of (hopefully) encouragement.  If you are one of my friends on Facebook (not just a FFG follower sorry) then it will post there too.  I have my Camelbak ready, my new visor, my music player/phone ready, my fuel ready, and am taping my knees in a moment.  I hope it doesn’t rain on me because well it would suck, but I have a back up plan there too.  My reward besides feeling super bada@# will be a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, love them haven’t had any since last year, just want a treat.  Have a great night, I better hit the sack and get some sleep. šŸ™‚


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