Working through the blahs

The last few days I have been feeling kind of down.  Not the I’m so depressed I can’t function kind, just not as happy as usual.  No big surprise it has affected my workouts.  I have done them, any posts I have put up have not been lies, but I know I haven’t done nearly as much as I could have and wish I had done.  I’ve been considering what the source of the blahs is and while I am not sure there are a few things I am sure of I need to take a look at whether I am taking care of me.

So if you find yourself in a similar blah/funk perhaps you might need to do the same.  Think about it, we get up early, cram as much stuff in one day as possible, throw food down our throats, take care of kids/pets/significant others (throwing food down their throats too and yes I make meal time sound very attractive in my house I know), work, do homework, do blogs, play games obsessively on Facebook, do all the other computer things, clean, and crash during that brief period of time we allow ourselves to sit.  Or is this just me??? 

When do we take the time out to “smell the roses” and just relax?  Some people admittedly are much better at this than I am, my brother for instance will make time to go sit on the lake and paddle on the weekends to recharge.  I also have friends that unplug at least one day a week and don’t get on the internet all day *GASP*!  I have even heard of people that run without tracking their time and distance.  I am sure that for me part of what is going on is that I am not doing things to take care of myself that would probably help me out.  Never fear there are some things that you can do and here are a few suggestions:

  • Unplug one day a week- I was doing this previously for about a month and it was nice.  I plan to do so again and after you read my blog you should too, but after you read it please?
  • Get more sleep- I am going to make an effort to have a little more time that I allow myself to sleep in and do my workout later in the day.
  • Take a vacation- I am implementing this starting Friday at 6:30 pm for a week.  It will be a staycation and I will do what I want at a slower nicer pace.  I love my job, but we all need some time away.
  • Get back to nature- I am hoping to finally get back to the mountains during my vacation and maybe try a little trail running.  I have been wanting to for awhile and I hope that will work out.
  • Slow down your workout- what I mean is today for instance I decided a nice walk at lunch was a better idea than trying to run stairs.  I felt like the slower pace and listening to low key music would be better for my mental state than the other, I was right and it was nice.
  • Get back to a hobby- I love cooking/baking and I rarely get to anymore so this week I feel like making some things in the kitchen like some hummus, protein bars, and maybe some baked goods. 
  • Cut back on the caffeine-I think I have been overdoing the caffeine a bit and when you are stressed or not feeling right you should take a look at the stuff you are taking into your body.  Lots of sugar and caffeine won’t help.

I hope these gave you a few ideas to try if you are having a case of the blahs.  How do you deal with the blahs? 


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