Positive habits are generational too…

The other day after a particularly hard day I posted about the evils of addiction essentially.  I stand by what I said about it being a generational disease.  After I posted that (and yes it felt good to get that off my chest) I started considering the good side of habits and how they impact generations as well.  Let me say this up front and get it out of the way, no I don’t have children and I am not sure if I will get to have children.  I do however have a lot of experience with children (the nephews and kids from the past) and I have a bit of training on how to help parents and kids with behavior changes.  Does that make me an expert, no, but I do have some experience to back what I am going to say.

Just as my bad habits can influence the children in my life the good can also influence them.  If your children see you grab beer, food, or zone out in front of the TV or computer to deal with the stress of life what do you think they are learning?  If I go more for sugar or starch in my eating or fried fatty goodness then more often than not that will be their choice as well.

I love the fact that I am seeing the fitness and nutrition professionals that I follow talk about involving their children or encouraging others to do so.  I hope that if I am blessed I will be able to establish those positive habits in the lives of my children.  Even outside of the professionals the other fitness and nutrition nuts like myself that I follow are doing it too.  This is so wonderful, having children does shift priorities, but shouldn’t helping them to be healthy of body and mind be a priority too?  That’s what establishing a healthy lifestyle is all about.

So I just wanted to challenge you to find some fitness or active activities to do with your kids.  Get up off the couch a bit more, have contests with them on who can do the most pushups or heck start teaching them squats and planks!  Go for a run and have them ride along on their bikes or make a weekend outing one that includes water sports or hiking.  Make a room in the house or the garage a home gym so they can start to learn how to workout too.  There are so many things you can do with them that will help them burn off extra energy, have fun, and have bonding time with you.

When it comes to food please think about this, you control what food comes into the house!  If you think it’s not very healthy then don’t buy it.  Kids are picky I know (again meal time around the nephews and other kids I have been around), but if they are hungry they will eat.  Look at labels and think about what they are fueling themselves with.  Do you want them to have high cholesterol because they eat corn dogs, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and other highly processed foods all of the time?  Be an example for your kids in word and action.

You will help them develop their eating habits and their habits when it comes to moving.  There are plenty of parents out there that do it.  They find that balance between being active to take care of themselves and having plenty of time with their kids.  They know how to stay away from fast food and convenience foods so they can have nutritious meals.  They are not super humans, they are just like you and me they just get it.  They understand the importance of establishing those positive habits.  Metabolic issues are genetic and generational, why not make healthier eating and better health generational too.  Just some thoughts I have been pondering and some encouragement I wanted to share.

Now I do have to brag about something for a moment.  I participated in a Runner’s Box gift exchange, kind of like the foodie penpal only with running themed stuff.  My penpal was Kari and we exchanged emails back and forth for a bit and I got my package in the mail just last night.  I was so happy to get it and it was really almost a shame to tear into it.  She took a lot of time to make each item in it very special even with the wrapping.  She gave me a visor, a tek running shirt, some Nuun, some dark chocolate (yummy!), some apple pie Larabars, some running socks, a journal, and even some catnip mice for my cat Dot.  It was very thoughtful and I loved it.  If you are on Facebook and are interested follow Scrambled Legs Running and she will post when it’s time to do again.  I will definitely be participating in this again.


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