Prepping for my 10k

I am getting so excited for tomorrow!!!!  I picked up my number and t-shirt earlier today and got to talk to one of the ladies on the Las Vegas Running Team about it and she gave me some awesome advice.  I told her I had been reaching out to others for some suggestions on how to handle the nutrition. She gave me a thumbs up for the Nuun and suggested that I drink some today to prep for tomorrow as well.

One thing I hadn’t considered that she suggested was to take in some salt tonight. You see some of us get pretty salty when we exercise for long periods, my face literally gets salt on the side of it that I have to wash off.  This indicates that if I don’t watch it I will have an electrolyte imbalance.  I figured a little bit of this out based on some previous conversations on Facebook/Twitter with other people.  I reviewed with her some of the plan I had and she again said I was right on with my thinking.  So here is the plan and where my obsessive need to plan things out may come in handy:

  • I actually stopped at the office and dropped off some overnight oats in my work fridge so my prep started today.
  • I will put my gear out and lay out my clothes tonight.  I already have my hydration bladder in the fridge with some Nuun in it.  I will have some wipes to get cleaned up and some dry clothes to change into once I get to the office.
  • Get up at 4am (yes 4am on a Saturday for the love of running)
  • When I get up I will put some Almond Butter on a piece of wheat bread, this will be 2 hours before race time.
  • I will get ready and start moving around a bit so my muscles are a bit warmed up.
  • I will eat a couple of dates before I head out the door at least 45 minutes prior to race time.
  • Drive to the race and run my butt off going as fast as I can (I will of course pace myself and enjoy the run.  I hope to get it done in an 1:15-ish)
  • Walk around to stretch and loosen muscles back up, maybe eat an apple or whatever they have to start the recovery process.  I am thinking about taking my dates with me to nibble on or an apple.
  • Go to the office eat my oatmeal, clean up, and speak to the weight support group
  • Go home and pass out…just kidding.

Anyway that is the plan, hopefully it will work, but if life throws me a wrench I have the satisfaction of knowing that the money I paid for the race goes to a good cause.  I also know that I can do it with no problems.  I didn’t get to run at all this week, I was as active as I could be with my crazy hours.  I hope next week things will get less crazy and I can get to the gym and get some runs done.  I will of course post about how it goes tomorrow and hopefully I will think to get some pictures.


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