There are some things that are weighing on my mind, let’s just say it’s not easy some days in the occupation I have chosen.  I have seen more people that I have come to care about repeatedly destroy themselves with the insanity of believing they can control the very thing that controls them, their addiction.  I hate it, with all my heart, if I could rid the world of it with a wish or a prayer I would.  It does nothing but destroy lives, children, and families. 

No amount of begging or pleading will change the course of what is to come.  You can easily step back and watch as if it were a car wreck about to happen that you are powerless to stop.  It is all consuming, all powerful, and all controlling.  To believe that you can control that substance, whether it’s food, alcohol, or drugs is foolish and pure and simple insanity.

Here’s one of the scariest things to me, is that while people debate whether or not addiction/alcoholism is genetic (I believe it is) IT IS GENERATIONAL.  If you are an alcoholic or an addict and you do not fight the good fight to stop you WILL IMPACT YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN.  There is no doubt in my mind and the more studies there are the more this is backed up.

My biggest struggle is with food, which I know sounds ridiculous to others, but it’s true.  It’s a different kind of addiction than alcohol or drugs, but can also be controlling.  If you find yourself falling into the same insanity again and again.  Drinking a bit here or there thinking it will help you make it through the day or whatever your rationalization might be, I hope you seek help.  If drugs prescription or not are part of how you deal too, I hope you seek help.  Here are some links if any of this speaks to you, perhaps you can be one of the lucky few that don’t have to lose it all or lose your life to addiction.  Don’t keep this generational problem going, stop the chain before it destroys your family.  Your kids will repeat what they see, in your moments of sanity think about that.

I know this is a heavy post, but as I said it’s weighing on my mind.  Let’s face it, if you want to be healthy this might be a part of your journey.  Addressing it for me has been part of the journey and will continue to be I am sure.

*I did do some prep this weekend and of course some running, but it will wait for another day.


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