10 miles gives you time to think…

So during my 10 mile run as you might imagine there is a lot of time to think.  There is part of the time that you get lost in the music (hopefully) and you aren’t really thinking much.  The only thought I had then really was wow I really like a lot of older music and have mixed tastes.  I have anything from Styx/Journey (okay they sound similar)/Kiss/Michael Jackson/Billy Idol, to Justin Timberlake/Fallout Boy/BOB/Young MC/NKTOB/Flo Rida and everything in between.  I also pay attention to which songs help me perk up (I admit it I dance a little while running and sing sometimes making me all that more entertaining if anyone notices, hello YouTube) so I can play them during low energy/hitting the wall times.
Besides that there are a few other things that cross my mind while running and one of them was making this mental list:  You Might Be a Runner If or You Should Be a Runner If…
You are stubborn and don’t give up easily. This sport will push you to stop or turn around at random times and it takes sheer determination to push back sometimes.  I don’t know what it is, but that mile between mile 4 and 5 seems waaaaay longer than any others.
You like to get a good sweat on.  I am telling you if you run much you will find that even your hair gets wet; it’s a good feeling.
You like shoes.  I have more pairs of running shoes that have passed their running prime, but are still wearable out and about.
You like freedom.  If I had to, I think it’s kind awesome that I could run half way across Vegas from point A to B.  This also fits well in my whole zombie survival plan (Rule #1: CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO).
If you think to yourself why not run rather than why run, you should be or might be a runner.

I admit it is a short list so far, but I am still early in my running career so to speak so I have time to think of more.  The point of running for me really is just that ability to challenge myself and know I get to do something that some people can’t.  I can run, jump, and walk and many people that I see every day can’t.  It’s a pleasure and a blessing that I intend to enjoy as long as I possibly can.  There is a kinship that I am finding with this too.  Groups of runner that do it for the sheer pleasure and challenge.  They are pretty neat people with a lot of really moving stories from all walks of life and this one love it connects us.  It’s a pleasure on so many levels to be able to run.


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  1. Desiree' - Finding the Skinny Geek Within
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 16:50:14

    So true! Loving your list so far. I'm a newbie runner and honestly have a love/hate relationship going on with it, but for now I'm at the loving it stage! Hope this feeling keeps up!


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