Tomorrow I hit 10!

I am going to do my best tomorrow to hit my 10 mile mark tomorrow!  I have better equipment to help with water so I should be good.  I have mapped out my route and man I didn’t really get how far it is until I used MapMyRun to do it.  I am running freaking far!!!  In fact to keep from being too far away from home I am going to do my 5 mile run twice.  I’m excited about it and hope that I can sleep tonight.  I also hope that since I am doing it early it means I can sleep tomorrow.  I still wonder if I am the only one that still seems to have enough adrenaline going at the end of the day that I have trouble sleeping.  In all honesty if I don’t sleep well I will just go do it at the gym after sleeping in.  I have the nephew’s tonight so who knows how it will go…

My first official 10k will be soon too.  I told you when I get a crazy idea in my head sometimes I just have to do it, so I am.  I will get up stinking early, race, and then go to work.  My friend agreed that it would almost be fitting if I were looking a bit ragged to talk to a weight support group. 

Other than this, I really have nothing big to share.  I would share that some of my unintended rest today probably did me good.  I went to the gym and found myself in the stretching room alone and ended up just enjoying stretching and sitting in silence.  Finding silence when there is chaos around you a lot of the time is good for the soul.  One day soon I will get out and get a hike in and I think I will try to do it by myself.  I know some safe and not totally isolated hikes that would do me some good.

I hope you all have a great night, I’ll update you tomorrow and share my Sunday prep as well.


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