The first 10 miles didn’t kill me and weekend prep

I did it!!! In case you missed all the Facebook posts and Tweets somehow, LOL!  I really can’t believe that I was able to do 10 miles and still have some energy left too.  I completed it in 1:55:28, which is under the two hour mark that I figured I would have.  This is with walking a block and a half to regain some strength after a tough hill.
I used my Camelbak hydration system that I got last night and put some Nuun in it to keep the electrolytes coming.  I hit the wall hard at 4 miles and started feeling kind of fatigued so I walked for a block and focused on drinking more of my water.  Then I picked up my pace again and kept going.  After that I had one more time where I walked for about half a block, but otherwise kept running.  My pace continues to be around 11:30-11:18 minutes per mile on average, I would like to get it a bit faster before the half.  My left knee started hurting really bad towards the end so I am babying it a bit tonight and will probably put my brace on for extra support.  Tomorrow’s workout is stretch and strengthen, most likely I will focus on upper body for strength.  When I got home I was exhausted and really felt like going to sleep, but knew I needed to refuel and rehydrate; that and I drank some Starbucks coffee as my treat for finishing it.  While I was running I actually started making a mental list of you know your a runner if or you should be a runner if that I may post later.  Overall I am thrilled with how well it went and with what it showed me that I need to prepare for for the half.
Red/Green Pepper/Carrot, greek yogurt and curry
  • Energy- I ate a banana shortly before my run and it was clearly not enough to sustain my energy.  I need some more fuel before or something simple to nibble along the way.  Without my Nuun I am not sure if I would have been able to do it.  I prefer to find something that is as clean as possible so it might take a bit to narrow down what I can easily use on the run, especially stuff that won’t melt in the Vegas heat.
  • Getting up earlier- I don’t think I had enough time awake before I set out to run, so *sigh* I will be getting up even earlier than I planned to do my 10k later this month; at least the half is at night.
  • Better socks- yeah I have a few blisters now, not bad mind you, but I probably want to look at some more quality socks for actual races.
  • New shoes- I do believe I may need to get some new shoes soon, I planned on it before my half, but may need to consider it before the 10k.  With good socks there might not really be an issue, but I will need to consider it.  When I get new shoes I plan to go to a store that a local runner referred me to where they do an awesome job at looking at how you run and pairing you with good support.
As for my food prep for the week I am on my chicken salad sandwich kick still, so I got some more pita bread and chicken to make it.  I also cut up a ton more veggies to snack on at work and I haven’t been able to make the time to do a smoothie, but I am determined to do it by the end of today or tomorrow so that my late work days (I have 3 this week) will go smoother (HA pun totally intended!).  *By the time I dealt with a few computer issues and got going with my prep I ended up finishing making the smoothie.  I put in banana, pineapple, greek yogurt, protein powder, spinach, cucumber, red pepper, almond butter, splash of milk, chia seeds, and carrot.


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