Stress reliever check up time!

So far so good this week with the running, although it was a close call today.  Had all kinds of sneezing and stuffiness this morning so I took an allergy pill, non drowsy my rear!  Anyway I made it through my 5 miles and felt pretty good doing it.  I felt strong the whole way and actually got my fastest time yet.


First attempt in June

Today was however kind of stressful for me, so it made me think maybe I should review my stress management resources.  I highly encourage you to come up with some so that you have multiple resources to go to outside of potentially harmful vices. 

  1. Run- got that one done and really knowing it was one of my major ways to deal with stress is part of what got me in the door of the gym.  I had a mental struggle all day about whether I would or wouldn’t, but I am very grateful I did.
  2. Deep breathe- I am doing that as we speak to be honest.  It’s an awesome tool that helps with cravings as well as lowering your blood pressure.
  3. Listen to happy music- I am downloading a favorite “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Life of Brian I saw a clip this morning and it made me laugh and I love to whistle so win win for a download.
  4. Unplug- I am getting off of the computer early tonight so I can finish some tasks and rest.  Being plugged into social media can be both good and bad.  If you tend to get easily irritated it could be a sign that it is crossing to the bad that particular day.
  5. Hug my cat- When I unplug in a minute I plan to hug and play with my cat as well as brush her (okay that part is not stress relieving really because she does have claws.
  6. Go to bed- I am hitting the hay as early as I can tonight to get some better rest.

So what are the things that you are doing to take care of you?  How do you manage stress?


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