Foodie PenPal reveal and my name is not grace, but I am determined

I did it, I got my run in yesterday before I went to work. The weather was beautiful actually, I mean just the right temperature and the sun wasn’t beating down yet.  I put my hydration belt on, my earphones in, and took off.  My name however not grace….

I made it injury free so that was good and an improvement from the past (it’s been a good thing that I work in medical clinics).  Turns out though that I hate the hydration belt that I have because it bounced like crazy and my earphone cord kept moving out of the holder getting shorter and shorter pulling the earphones out of my ears!  I ended up carrying my bottle switching from hand to hand until I finished off the water in it.  I resisted the temptation to throw it in the trash along the way because I knew the nephew like people would be able to use it and like it.

Along the way as I was running past a bus stop I felt this weird sensation of something flying off my head.  My headband went flying off!  There was a nice gentleman there that helped me out by picking it up and handing it to me.  As I struggled to put it on my head, my earphones went flying out yet again!  I thought to myself,  at least I didn’t fall and it’s a good thing that the people around me are really not interested in what I am doing.  As soon as I got myself together again and started heading out I saw the guy you see in ads for runners.  Seriously, he was all buff looking, carefree, and had a dog on a leash.  No earphones, no look of struggle because his run was challenging to him, pure enjoyment in his run is what reflected on his face.  In other words the opposite of how I felt and probably looked.

The whole thing is, I did it, I pushed through despite that burning desire to quit that hit me about 2 miles in.  Despite feeling achy, tired, and like a total goof ball irritated by the problems of my gear.  I thought about how much easier it is to run in air conditioning, but then it was followed by how much better I was going to feel by this challenge.  I have done 5 miles outside before, this isn’t the first time I just think I have become way to comfortable with running on that treadmill.  I also thought back to a time when the best I could do was this jog/walk/shuffle thing.  The one I was doing when I had college boys throw pizza at me and my dog.  About how I used to struggle to even get a mile or two in an hour or two and now how I can do 5 miles in under an hour.

I may have struggled during the run and I may have considered cutting it short, but I didn’t.  Along the way I thought about the run I had when a goofy old lady gave me the thumbs up and I asked God for some much needed encouragement that day and I got it by a wave from some fellow runners.

This run, this short 5 mile run, gave me a lot that day.  I had time to get perspective on how I was doing now verses the beginning of my journey.  I got encouragement at a much needed time.  I gained strength and resolve and confirmation on my enjoyment and the benefits of running.  I also realized that I cannot compare myself to the other runners, I have improved and will continue to improve at my own pace.  The funny thing is that despite all of those problems and a couple of stops at crosswalks, I managed to do 5 miles in 56:49 and that totally made my day.  So while my name is not grace, I am most definitely determined.

I almost forgot my Foodie Pen Pal reveal!  I got an awesome FPP this month, she sent me a package from New Hampshire.  I love what I got!  I got some fresh peppermint tea and an infuser to use it, some granola with pecans/pumpkin seeds/almonds/cranberries, some fresh herbs,a giant peanut butter cookie, peanut butter fudge, and some mustard.  She hit some Farmers Markets in her area and I totally made out with this!  The peanut butter cookie and fudge did require restraint, but they didn’t make it past a few days.  I can’t wait for cooler weather for the tea.

If you want to get involved it’s sponsored by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean and there is a badge on the right side of my page that you can click on to get to the page about it.  It’s a lot of fun to see what you get and where you get it from.  Please consider joining and you never know you might get me!  I’m off of here to rest up for tomorrow’s 5 mile run!


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