Running update and prepping for the week ahead

I got 7 miles in yesterday, at a decent time and felt like I could have pushed more, but didn’t want to hurt myself since I was really tired and hadn’t gotten many miles in over the week.  It’s been a seriously draining week, but it is thankfully over with for now.  I was going to go hiking today, but I paid attention to my body last night and changed plans.  Turns out that mother nature dumped on the trail a bit anyway, so I’m pretty happy with my decision.  Next weekend 10 miles is my goal mwuahahah (evil conquering laugh).

Instead I did some different kind of exercise today, I ran around like crazy at an indoor play place with two of the nephew type people.  I went up and down and up and down this thing.  I did use the tornado slide of course, I do not recall those things making me so dizzy when I was younger.  It was a blast!  I even used the padded floor to do a bunch of push ups, crunches, etc.  Yup I was the crazy woman that the rest of the restaurant was looking at (seriously they were).  My boyfriend said are you supposed to even have been in there?  I shrugged and said no one told me to leave…My abs actually hurt a little right now and my arms too.

I did my prep yesterday because of the potential plan of hiking. I didn’t want to get off track and it makes Sunday nicer to be able to relax anyway.  I decided to make some chicken salad for sandwiches this time; I got tired of chicken in salad.  I put a ton of peppers, carrots, and onions in it and used greek yogurt instead of mayo.  Then I used curry for the spice, I got it from Trader Joe’s (I LOVE THEM and they are right down the street).  Weird side note, TJ has cheaper regular milk than Wally world, makes me wonder what is up with that?  I found some really awesome flax seed pita pockets at TJ’s as well with a ton of fiber, decent amount of protein and carbs.  I am totally excited about using them and seeing how they taste.  I of course cut up a ton of veggies and sauteed some sweet potatoes with a bit of garlic/pepper/sea salt.  I also am going to try something different for my breakfast as I am looking for some new tastes.  I am getting ready to put some overnight oats in the fridge.  My whole food life posted it, it’s an adaptation from a recipe she found and I am adapting it a bit myself. 

So far so good with no ice cream or potatoes, which was really hard with the nephews having some ice cream (that they couldn’t finish of course and was calling my name) and french fries (ditto).  I am pretty proud that I threw them away instead of feeding into my don’t waste food especially those things thinking.  I will admit it was a totally close call until they left my hand and tumbled into the trash.  I probably did enough damage and am currently not feeling well due to having a diet coke, oh well…You win some battles and others you just give in.

Tomorrow’s fitness plan, involves a bunch of chest press, crunches, squats, tricep dips, and lunges during lunch.  I know that I can do a nice amount of resistance training in my office during my lunch hour and still have time to eat.  There really are no excuses to not work out and do something meaningful if it isn’t a rest day.


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