See you later Mr. Potato head

It’s late so this is going to be short.  I am determined to do a bit healthier in my eating next week than I have this week.  I have been craving simple carbs and fatty foods lately.  Despite how other people might feel about giving your body what it craves, I know that doing that led to me feeling kinda crappy by the end of the week.  I have been downing the water like crazy trying to feel better.

I had way to much salty and starchy foods this week and I knew it.  I’m not perfect and know that striving for perfection will just drive me mad so trust me I am not going for that.  I haven’t really shared this on here, but I haven’t had ice cream since October of last year.  Most of the time it is seriously no big deal and I don’t even think about it.  I will admit I had some frozen custard when I went home, but technically it isn’t ice cream (yeah a very slight technical difference).  I had one night when I had a strong craving, but I was serving up some Ben & Jerry’s to my boyfriend and I mean come on it was Ben & Jerry’s.

So here is what I have been turning around in my head…cutting out regular potatoes.  I have a hard time not eating a ton of them in any form (mashed, baked, fries).  So perhaps I will cut out the regular and do just the proportionate size of sweet potatoes.  If I want fries I will make sweet potato fries (and no drive through does them justice I have tried they are all gross) and get some of the ones you can nuke real easily to have on hand if I want.  There are nutrients to potatoes, I am not saying they are evil and you shouldn’t eat them, I am saying I’m not sure for me.

I know I need carbohydrates, that is the main source of energy for all of us, but I don’t NEED the simple ones.  I just want to experiment, I am not saying I will never ever have fries and mashed potatoes again.  Just like I am not saying I will never have ice cream again.  I just want to see how my body feels without them.  Perhaps I will make them a treat after my half marathon, just a little celebration, I will see when I get there.  Tomorrow I am going to try and do 7 miles to get headed back on track for the 10 mile mark soon.  Guess I made this longer than I intended, have a great night.


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