Inspirational blogs and confessions of a worry wart

As promised I want to share a few good blogs that I have discovered recently.  I still read many of my favorites, but lately I am getting more into the running so obviously that tends to be where my reading pleasure is as well.  Some of these people are very inspirational to me.  They run not just because they love it, but to help gain some control back in their lives.  They have a illnesses that are often devastating and mean you can’t exercise; at least that would be an excuse and given their diseases I doubt anyone would argue with them.  Some of these bloggers are more like me, someone who lost who they were along the way.  People that had responsibilities and got out of balance when it comes to caring for self and others and they are finding their way back.

  • Running from MS– she recently (this year) got the diagnosis of MS and has decided that she is going to continue to run and care for herself.  She is running to help keep her body strong and better able to fight what MS does and to out run the “nasty” thoughts that might cloud her mind.  I am truly inspired by her and her story and hope she continues to share along the way.
  • Lung warrior– this is a Facebook page, if he has a blog I haven’t found it yet.  He has chronic lung disease and has had it for year, he is training for two marathons and an ultra marathon.  He went from 355lbs, with multiple metabolic issues and side affects from being on steroids for years to a runner who is no longer dependent on his supplemental oxygen and is only 225lbs.  Wow!  I work with people everyday that are on oxygen or fighting addiction to keep from being on oxygen, this is an amazing thing.
  • Running4me– another Facebook page of a mom of two who is learning to find balance in her life and time to still care for herself.
  • runner unleashed– she has had multiple injuries and scoliosis, but refuses to give up despite doctors telling her to.  Just reading her story is inspirational let alone the blog. 

As for me, running helps me keep my sanity.  It is my island in a world full of uncertainty and chaos.  It is the one thing I can control to some extent.  I may have things delay a run, like injury or time constraints, but nothing will ever tell me I cannot run.  I gained that freedom and I am not giving it back.  If I have to go back to a shuffle later in life I will, but I will do everything I can to be able to lace up my shoes and run for the rest of my life.  It’s time for me to take care of me instead of others.  There is a whole part of my life that I don’t share here, the part where I constantly take care of others.  A part that I think is both my greatest strength and weakness.  This is where I take care of me, by caring for my body.  So here I am laying it out again, I am over eating, emotional eating, compulsively eating, whatever you choose to call it, again.  I struggle with this and have for years, I just spent most years not caring.  My boyfriend called me out on it yesterday and I snapped at him knowing full well that he was right (I hate it when he is right, but love that he is smart).  So no more excuses of “hey I am running 5 miles twice a week and long miles on the weekend” or “I’m in training I will burn it off”.  I need to call myself out on it and name it for what it is and deal with the things I am letting trigger me.  I have to once again remind myself of what I can and cannot control.  So I will pray and turn it over to God to care for them and just be there.  Worrying will not change the outcomes, they will only add to my own physical and psychological ailments.  I cannot take care of everything for everyone.  Thank you for reading and allowing me to share.

Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to do my 5 miles before work, will perhaps setting a new PR.  I am after all in training…


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