Rock n Roll here I come!

I did it, I got my registration for my big race.  It will be the first half marathon that I do and it will be a big one!  I am 100% committed for it now, yikes!  I am already almost up to 10 miles, I am scheduled to hit that next week, and I am pretty sure I will come in around 2 1/2 hours when I do.  I hope it will be faster, but we will have to see how it goes.

Right now I am looking for some 5k and 10k races to do in the mean time so I can get used to doing more road races and running in crowds.  I had one picked out, but I am supposed to work later that morning, speaking on my weight loss experience and on food addiction.  Honestly, this is one of those times I get a crazy notion in my head and feel compelled to do it.  I actually think I could swing it if I took clothes to change into or not worry about it and show the weight support group where they could be with hard work…see what I mean, crazy notion and it’s taken hold.

I am super excited about my half marathon though and I already plan to sign up for some more.  It honestly will become a matter of how I will get to some of them and fit them in with my responsibilities.  Dang adult responsibilities.  Tomorrow I will be running a simple 10k probably inside due to the monsoon season.  It will be kind of nice to have a shorter run, yeah strange thinking of 6.2 miles as simple never thought that would happen.  I hope to get more info on the race and maybe even run the course once it gets cooler out.  It’s up and down the strip so I should be able to do that.

Today I was supposed to rest, but decided to work my arms a bit as well as my core.  I have some time to make up for where I skipped out so I was due.  The funny thing is I have all of this equipment around, including some stability balls.  The stability balls aren’t blown up due to space issues.  My boyfriend suggested I blow them up to use them then deflate each time if I need.  I thought why would I do that, that is a pain?  Then it hit me, wow, once again I am saying that something that is important for me is too hard to do.  The messages that I give myself are sometimes very off.  My fitness is important, being healthy and strong is important.  I need to remember that sometimes and deal with the minor inconveniences.  So I blew it up and it’s sitting there in my closet half inflated right now for easier storage and so I have fewer excuses because it won’t take any time at all to finish.

That’s the trick is really overcoming those excuses and barriers that we have to doing important things.  Make time to take care of yourself so you have the strength you need later.  So on that note, I probably will go ahead and do that race.  I am going to consider it for a bit more before I commit fully, but it’s a pretty solid chance.


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