One foot in front of another

For some reason today was a struggle when I got to the gym.  I got up early, 7 am, and headed out to the gym to run my 6.2 miles. We are in monsoon season here in Vegas and when it rains it dumps water and blows with a vengeance.  It only does this a few times a year so the city has apparently decided not to put in better drainage,  thus we get floods. So, I was left running inside, *sigh*, again…

I stretched (dynamic stretching which is considered better to do as a warm up for activities like running), and SERIOUSLY debated walking off that treadmill and going home.  I almost posted to Facebook about my reluctance, but instead a post caught my eye. It was about the numbers 3.1, 6.2, 13.1, and 26.2.  If you don’t know it those are the mileage points for a 5k, 10k, half marathon,  and a marathon.  The post said that those were more than numbers and more than races,  they represent blood/sweat/tears/joy/commitment/pain/sacrifice.  All of it earned with every step you take all on your own.

So I started the treadmill and ran. It occurred to me that every time I was feeling defeated, tired, or lazy and I took that first few steps I won.  I’m learning some good life lessons that my hard headed self should have learned already.  Exercise is a way to develop willpower there is no doubt in my mind.  I could dwell more on the past and what I could have done different if I’d had more, but I’m feeling good and dwelling on the past isn’t always helpful.  Instead I’m going to keep remembering to take that first step to win.

I’m going to shout out to a few inspirational bloggers in tomorrows post people with great motivations to run. I hope you consider checking them out. I also have pretty well decided to do the 10k before work in August.  Based on today’s time of 1:09 (and a few seconds) I think I can do it and have time for work.  I’ll let you know.

*I did do my food prep with a lot of my usual goodies, I’m loving fruit on my salad!  I also kept some veggies on the side for turkey chilli tonight and some for a smoothie later in the week. 


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  1. Desiree'
    Jul 26, 2013 @ 18:09:39

    They always say, the hardest step is the first one out the door! How true it is!


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