Sunday food prep

Feels all out of sorts not running my long run today,  did a tiny bit of strength training and walking instead. That and watched the nephew type people, exhausting… I dI’d manage to do my prep in between running to the store and library. I also am doing some studying for my CPT (any suggestions on the anatomy& physiology stuff is welcome).

I decided that I loved the fruit last week and had a mango I needed to use so I added it to my salad.  I have my peppers (red and green), red onion, mango, avocado, greens, cucumber, carrot, mushroom, and chicken.  Lots of super foods going on in that salad! I figure that I should enjoy the fruit while I can. I even made blueberry pancakes this morning for the nephew type people.  I just need to throw some almonds on top I think. 

I had a baking fail though…I made some no egg cookies and got the flour ratio off a bit and they crumbled, badly.  The crumbles taste great (chocolate peanut butter oatmeal), so I just may salvage them in Greek yogurt this week.  You have to find a silver lining in life you know.

So since I will be helping with the kids on weekends I will possibly have to do my long run Saturday evenings.   I want to do them no later than that because I have had trouble sleeping the night after my long runs. I think the adrenaline is too high for me.  I wonder does anyone else experience that?

Anyway have a great night  and see you tomorrow!


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