It’s been a long day/week

Having a bit of writers block tonight and a bit of chaos at the house.  As a result no post tonight beyond the fact that it appears that the mountain fire may be out.  I don’t see smoke anymore so I am hoping it’s gone and the air will be clearer soon.  Have a great night all and I will be posting here tomorrow, just exhausted tonight.  Ironically I taught about stress management all week while running my bottom off all week to help cover groups…I ended up a bit stressed. Oh well…tomorrow’s run will nip that with some awesome happy hormones and sweat; it’s crazy how much I love to sweat now.  Guess I had more to say than I thought.  Wish me luck in the morning, wow I just had a surreal moment typing this.  I never would have pictured being able to run 9 miles in my life.  Pretty awesome to know if I need to run a long ways I can.  Have a great night!


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