Short run day

Today was a short run day, seems weird to call 5 miles a short run, but hey it’s all about perspective right?  I really (read REALLY) did not want to run.  I sucked it up thought and started going, on the treadmill again.  I have decided that I will this Saturday, if it is not smoky, try my run outdoors.  I have to map it out first so I have a clue on where to go to do the distance, but I have to face that reluctance fear.  Not entirely sure why it is there, how I developed it, but I can’t let it beat me otherwise I might as well not run.  

Running these distances seemed impossible not long ago, in fact I had all but decided I probably shouldn’t or couldn’t be a runner for fear of hurting my knees.  I know I would have started earlier in life if I would have finished a marathon by now.  Yep a marathon, that is where I am headed with all of this.  I am 99% positive that next year I will do a marathon.  I even have one in mind that it will only be a matter of getting it all arranged.  It will be this one the Mount Zion Marathon it sounds challenging and fun!  

I feel like I am getting better and stronger at this every day, although I may be letting my stride get too big.  I have a Fitbit and it said that I didn’t finish the 5 miles, it put me just under.  So I am not really sure if it is an equipment error (treadmill or Fitbit) or my stride is getting longer.  I discussed this with a running friend and he said the coaching he has gotten told him to keep his strides shorter to prevent injury.  I also discussed the use of compression socks with him and I think I will check them out a bit more.  I might find them to be helpful in the long run, like so I can move after the half marathon. 

One benefit of running has also been that I am starting to have more awareness of my body and how it works.  I have been able to figure out the difference between just being sore from moving and I need to stop because of injury.  It’s pretty awesome to feel like I can trust my body and just feel more confident.  I always feel better after a run and I am so glad that I pushed myself this morning.

I just wanted to share this picture, the quote, and another one that is on the FB post with it says it all.  I am looking forward to that feeling of accomplishment and awe in my body that it is able run that far.  I have decided to do my long run on Saturday because of some things going on Sunday, it might work out better anyway. 


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