Random thoughts on my mind

I feel like I haven’t been on in forever and I guess really it’s only been a couple of days.  I had late work days and I try to stay away from parking my butt at the computer the entire night if I haven’t really been home.  It’s an effort to find balance in my world, something I am always trying to work towards.

Balance is not always easy to find, for many years I definitely did not have it.  I put too much into my career in order to avoid other unpleasant things, like me.  That’s part of why I try to make an effort to do something good for myself every day.  Whether it’s turning down the offer of onion rings (they would have been so good), exercise, or writing I do something.  Not to say that I won’t occasionally eat some onion rings, but although my schedule called for it I wasn’t able to exercise today.  I am going to have to change a few things up and probably get up at the crack of dawn even on Wednesday’s to make sure I get it in.

To be honest right now I have a lot weighing on my mind, things I really want to do, but commitments I  know I need to follow through with.  I am also interestingly a little nervous about one of the things I want to do.  I want to and know it would benefit me to do some races between now and when I have my half marathon. 

I’m nervous because I haven’t really done a lot of running outside in the Vegas heat and I know it will take a bit to get used to it.  So I guess I should start with a few short runs to do it.  After the air clears that is because right now the valley air is filled with ash.  My mountain is on fire and they aren’t having much luck containing it.  I am afraid so many of those trails are going to be damaged.  There are houses up there that are at risk, as well as a lot of wildlife.  I hope they get it under control soon so people can resume outdoor activities.

Sorry for the random post, guess I am just feeling random today.  For the record here is a picture of a 3,000 year old tree that I hope is still up on Mt. Charleston.  It’s off of the North Loop on the way to Mummy’s Spring.


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