8 mile Sunday and weekly prep

OMG!  I did it, I lived, and I can mostly move like normal…seriously I do feel pretty energetic at the moment and I just took a bit of pain reliever because I am a bit achy. It took me 1 hour and 34 minutes to do 8 miles. I spent awhile cooling down just walking and then stretching (I love foam rollers).  I must say when I had about a mile or two left I really struggled for a bit. I pushed through using some self talk (you aren’t going to quit when you are this close, suck it up!), I pictured how I will feel when I finish the half marathon, and I realized I have done over half of what I need to do for the half marathon I am really close to being able to run 13.1 miles!  Then I searched for a good song or two on my phone, drank some water, and pushed through.  I love running, but I think it will always prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Now I do want to share a product I tried to help with my electrolytes, it’s called Coco Hydro.  I knew going in it was coconut water flavored, but there was a pineapple taste added so I figured it would be better and I might like it.  Nope, not really…I finished it and I did feel more energized than I did with the plain water, but still tasted like coconut water and I just don’t like how it tastes.  I love coconuts, but really can’t stand the water.  So it was a win-lose, I felt better drinking it, but didn’t enjoy the taste. Next week at 9 miles I try one of the other options and I will let you know how it goes.  I am undecided which one I am going to taste as of yet.

For my weekly food prep I went again with my chicken and salad, but I added a few new tastes to it.  I added mushrooms, nectarine, and avocado.  Add to it red and green peppers, olive oil, and carrots.  I think it will taste so yummy!  I have some awesome super foods in it and all of my macronutrients.  The other thing I did was I made another smoothie; it’s been awhile, but I have a few late days this week so I think it’s a good option to keep me going.  I put in kale, spinach, banana, greek yogurt, blueberries, cucumber, green pepper, carrot, and some of my protein powder. Despite a few comments I got from a nephew, it tastes good.  He was also too much of a wimp to try it himself, but I did make him do a plank earlier for 30 seconds so we will give him him some credit for that.  I wanted to post a pic of the smoothie, but my email/phone are not cooperating.  Gotta love technology.

I hope you have a great day tomorrow, I probably won’t post until Wednesday because of working late the next two days. 


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