Today was lazy and I really did not like it.

I didn’t go to the gym today, I can’t tell you when the last Saturday (outside of my vacation) that I didn’t go and work out in some form or another.  It feels weird, uncomfortable, and like my day is not quite complete or fulfilling. It’s strange to me when I reflect on this how much of a habit it has become to go and to exercise. 

There’s stuff I could have/should have done at home, but it’s a struggle to do that some days.  I find that the accountability of actually going to the gym helps me out.  In fact I am sharing this in part so I have another layer of accountability or encouragement from you.  I need to do better at weight training and at finding things to do at the house in case I can’t get to the gym like today.  That being said I wanted to post a few exercises that might help you as well.  We all need a starting point and perhaps this could be it for you.  I have heard from others that there is an embarrassment when you are overweight at going to the gym.  I hate that for anyone, I don’t recall it being an issue for me.  If it is these are some workouts that were put together by a few trainers that I follow.  They of course have put some general workouts together, they are not specific to you.  If you have any medical issues you should consult your doctor before starting any exercise. 

Fitknitchick– this link is to a different workout, but the video above is a great one as well.  The link if you click it will give you a tush, thigh, triceps, and tummy.  Very simple exercises with little equipment to do them.  Her website link is Fitknitchick website, she also has a lot of pins that she does that are very helpful as well.

This is Lindsay of Lindsay’s list with a great workout that focuses again on building some muscles, yes please!  Here is a link to her website Lindsay’s List.

 So there are two, I will try to add a few more in for ya and heck one day when I get certified I will probably try posting some of my own.  Tomorrow is my 8 mile run, wish me luck.  I am trying some new electrolyte drinks, tomorrow I am doing one that is coconut/pineapple tasting.  It’s hard to find any out there that don’t have a massive list of chemicals.  I found two at the store I was at and I am going to try Noon as well.  Have a great night all!


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