The new normal aka lifestyle change

  I got asked the other day if I still count calories.  It took me by surprise a bit; I honestly hadn’t been for some time.  I am not saying that I am perfect and I can’t say that I don’t over eat on occasion.  The big difference now is that the overeating is not my normal state anymore.  That is the power of working to change your habits.    

Someone I know stated it so eloquently in an email to a special group the other day.  She shared a revelation that “we choose our own normal”.  She shared that her new normal was a smaller plate of food when she goes out and better food choices at home.  She decided this because she doesn’t want to put the weight she has worked hard to get off back on.  Some of her normal choices were becoming a part of her past; they were no longer her normal.  This is so true and for me is sparked off the thought who cares what other people do for “normal eating”.  It’s what you do for you and your needs that matter.    

I used to hold on to this notion or irritation that there were people out there that could seemingly eat whatever they want and not suffer the consequences of the weight that I did.  You know that thought that if I even looked at a Big McWhopper I would gain 10 pounds, yet Billy Bob could eat it and not gain a pound.  This was such horrible thinking!  It served no real purpose; it fed into a concept that I was missing out on something, jealousy, resentment, and made me MISERABLE!  For what a greasy hamburger?  

Once I came to accept that my body is my business and what another person does is their choice and really has NO bearing on me I could let it go.  I could keep it from being something that could also be an excuse to return back to negative habits.   I could accept that my body is just different and I can’t treat my body that way and expect that I will be healthy let alone skinny.  I am actually proud to say that I am not sure I could even finish one of those burgers, I can no longer eat a medium pizza by myself, and I probably can’t finish a cake or carton of ice cream on my own either.  I would actually get too full, would know to stop, and would have the ability to say no.  

So what is your normal?  Mine is now, eating healthier smaller meals, limiting my refined sugars, no soda, and regular exercise.  What about you?  Ask yourself is your new normal what you want for yourself or are there some things you might just want to change?  Define your own version of normal!


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