7 miles and Sunday Food Prep


I was able to finish the 7 mile run in 1 hour and 22 minutes and change.  I gotta tell you, this was a bit tough for a few reasons.  I pulled a muscle or something around mile 4, OMG it hurt so bad and still hurts a bit now, but I have been stretching it a lot.  I hydrated, but still felt like it wasn’t enough so I probably need to bring a couple of water bottles with me.  Finally, in all honesty I got seriously distracted.  I have to run in the gym at this point as it hasn’t been getting cooler than in the 90’s and I am honestly too nervous to run outside in that heat.  So I am left with running inside at my gym on the treadmill.  Today there was this person that really distracted me so I struggled to keep my pace where it should have been.  This guy ran at an INSANE pace in front of me and his legs were all over the place, making it obvious that he didn’t know what he was doing.  He ran with one foot going sideways and was holding on to the treadmill so he didn’t fall.  PLEASE, if you have to hold on to the treadmill you are going too fast and you will injure yourself if you aren’t careful.  Work your way up to a better pace, please.  I cringed just waiting to have to jump off the treadmill to see if he was okay, I really expected him to fall.

Outside of that I feel pretty accomplished at having finished it and not passed out.  I must say that I had someone else drive on the way home because I felt so tired afterwards.  I need to check on some other ways to get some electrolytes back in me without using any of the rades.  I just don’t want to use those with all the chemicals in them.

On to the important stuff, food prep for the week.  I made my usual salad with chicken, mixed greens, red pepper, green pepper, celery, cucumber, and carrot.  I am out of tomatoes (you have no idea how sad I am about this) and will have to get some later.  I also cut a bunch up for snacking with some nutbutter later in the week.  Sadly I didn’t get as much prep done as I wanted because I need to hit the store tomorrow.  I plan to get more tomatoes, pears, more nutbutter, and dates.  I want to make some protein bites this week to snack on and take with me next week to run.  I also want to get some grapes to freeze, they make a fabulous treat instead of popsicles.  I also need to get some greek yogurt, I love my yogurt!  So that is for most of the week, except on July 4th, that day will be a mix of fruit salad, smoked brisket, and sweet potato (for me).  I will be hitting the treadmill for 4.5 miles that day so I may do a tiny splurge. 

Next week I will be doing 8 miles on Sunday so I have a bit of prep time to figure out a better way to get electrolytes back in, it’s time to research.  I also have some more studying to do for my NASM exam, I am loving the information I am getting so far.  It’s helping to put a lot of the info I already had together.  Have a great week all and I will shout at you tomorrow!  


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