Tomorrow I run/my fitness plan for the week

I know big deal right, I run all the freaking time.  But tomorrow I am going to get up and go run outside.  It’s been too freaking hot for me to run outside so I have been stuck in the gym.  This morning would have been perfect because after the rain at night it was nice and cool, but I had to be to work at 7am.  Tomorrow, I have to be in at 9am, so BAM!  I am going to suck it up and do my 5 miles outside.  I have it mapped out and I will have cash with me to grab water if I need to, but I filled up my bottle and have it in the fridge already and I am hydrating tonight. 

I have a fuel belt (that’s the fancy term for a fanny pack that carries water) and I will use it, but seriously I hate it.  It bounces when I run!  I am so lacking in the right equipment for doing some of this.  I will deal with it, but seriously it’s annoying.  I put some Nuun in the water too so that should give me an extra boost and I will toss down a few pieces of dried prunes for a bit of energy before I head out.  I really want to build my tolerance so I can do some races around here without dying. 

I missed my Team Challenge phone/webchat, I had something I had to do for work that prevented me from joining in, I will have to check into it later this week. So anyway, here is my fitness plan for the week:

Monday: Resistance training during lunch 30 min-check

Tuesday- Run 5 miles outside

Wednesday- Resistance training after work 30 minutes, stairs at work 15-20 (they are outside so I can do some safely in the shade and work on heat tolerance).

Thursday- Run 5 miles at gym and resistance training

Friday- Rest day (ish) I will probably do a bit of work on my arms and abs if I have the time (close the door at work and work it out when I get drowsy)

Saturday- Run 10 miles (or at least 8-9, but lets face it once you do 9 you might as well do the 10)

Sunday- Stretching and strength

I am using Hal Higdon’s training schedule to get to my 13.1, I have had to modify it a bit along the way, but it has really helped give me some guidance.  Is there a training program that you use to help you? 


Running update and prepping for the week ahead

I got 7 miles in yesterday, at a decent time and felt like I could have pushed more, but didn’t want to hurt myself since I was really tired and hadn’t gotten many miles in over the week.  It’s been a seriously draining week, but it is thankfully over with for now.  I was going to go hiking today, but I paid attention to my body last night and changed plans.  Turns out that mother nature dumped on the trail a bit anyway, so I’m pretty happy with my decision.  Next weekend 10 miles is my goal mwuahahah (evil conquering laugh).

Instead I did some different kind of exercise today, I ran around like crazy at an indoor play place with two of the nephew type people.  I went up and down and up and down this thing.  I did use the tornado slide of course, I do not recall those things making me so dizzy when I was younger.  It was a blast!  I even used the padded floor to do a bunch of push ups, crunches, etc.  Yup I was the crazy woman that the rest of the restaurant was looking at (seriously they were).  My boyfriend said are you supposed to even have been in there?  I shrugged and said no one told me to leave…My abs actually hurt a little right now and my arms too.

I did my prep yesterday because of the potential plan of hiking. I didn’t want to get off track and it makes Sunday nicer to be able to relax anyway.  I decided to make some chicken salad for sandwiches this time; I got tired of chicken in salad.  I put a ton of peppers, carrots, and onions in it and used greek yogurt instead of mayo.  Then I used curry for the spice, I got it from Trader Joe’s (I LOVE THEM and they are right down the street).  Weird side note, TJ has cheaper regular milk than Wally world, makes me wonder what is up with that?  I found some really awesome flax seed pita pockets at TJ’s as well with a ton of fiber, decent amount of protein and carbs.  I am totally excited about using them and seeing how they taste.  I of course cut up a ton of veggies and sauteed some sweet potatoes with a bit of garlic/pepper/sea salt.  I also am going to try something different for my breakfast as I am looking for some new tastes.  I am getting ready to put some overnight oats in the fridge.  My whole food life posted it, it’s an adaptation from a recipe she found and I am adapting it a bit myself. 

So far so good with no ice cream or potatoes, which was really hard with the nephews having some ice cream (that they couldn’t finish of course and was calling my name) and french fries (ditto).  I am pretty proud that I threw them away instead of feeding into my don’t waste food especially those things thinking.  I will admit it was a totally close call until they left my hand and tumbled into the trash.  I probably did enough damage and am currently not feeling well due to having a diet coke, oh well…You win some battles and others you just give in.

Tomorrow’s fitness plan, involves a bunch of chest press, crunches, squats, tricep dips, and lunges during lunch.  I know that I can do a nice amount of resistance training in my office during my lunch hour and still have time to eat.  There really are no excuses to not work out and do something meaningful if it isn’t a rest day.

See you later Mr. Potato head

It’s late so this is going to be short.  I am determined to do a bit healthier in my eating next week than I have this week.  I have been craving simple carbs and fatty foods lately.  Despite how other people might feel about giving your body what it craves, I know that doing that led to me feeling kinda crappy by the end of the week.  I have been downing the water like crazy trying to feel better.

I had way to much salty and starchy foods this week and I knew it.  I’m not perfect and know that striving for perfection will just drive me mad so trust me I am not going for that.  I haven’t really shared this on here, but I haven’t had ice cream since October of last year.  Most of the time it is seriously no big deal and I don’t even think about it.  I will admit I had some frozen custard when I went home, but technically it isn’t ice cream (yeah a very slight technical difference).  I had one night when I had a strong craving, but I was serving up some Ben & Jerry’s to my boyfriend and I mean come on it was Ben & Jerry’s.

So here is what I have been turning around in my head…cutting out regular potatoes.  I have a hard time not eating a ton of them in any form (mashed, baked, fries).  So perhaps I will cut out the regular and do just the proportionate size of sweet potatoes.  If I want fries I will make sweet potato fries (and no drive through does them justice I have tried they are all gross) and get some of the ones you can nuke real easily to have on hand if I want.  There are nutrients to potatoes, I am not saying they are evil and you shouldn’t eat them, I am saying I’m not sure for me.

I know I need carbohydrates, that is the main source of energy for all of us, but I don’t NEED the simple ones.  I just want to experiment, I am not saying I will never ever have fries and mashed potatoes again.  Just like I am not saying I will never have ice cream again.  I just want to see how my body feels without them.  Perhaps I will make them a treat after my half marathon, just a little celebration, I will see when I get there.  Tomorrow I am going to try and do 7 miles to get headed back on track for the 10 mile mark soon.  Guess I made this longer than I intended, have a great night.

Sometimes I surprise myself

 I had a light bulb moment yesterday that I want to share.  You all know enough to know that weight has been a huge struggle for me, it literally started in childhood and continued until recent years.  Yesterday I spent the day at the hospital with my boyfriend for an outpatient procedure (he’s fine of course), but it was nerve wracking.  I had this period of time in the waiting area by myself not knowing what was going on and if I was going to miss out on seeing him before he went to surgery.  Normally my thoughts would go to eating, anything and everything in the vending machine.  This time, for the first time IN MY LIFE, my brain said you need to get up and move/exercise.  I am not saying this will happen every time, but to go to move instead of eat was a huge change.  I’m sharing this because I know the struggle to change thought patterns and coping skills.  Yet, that reaction was proof to me that I have come a long way.  It is also proof that you all can do it too.  If I can change I have no doubt in my mind that you all have the strength to change too.

The month of August is going to be a very hectic one for me.  I will have a lot to do at work and some family commitments that will increase.   I am still studying for the CPT, something that I need to get off of here to do a bit of.  I also am going to do a race, yes I am that crazy that I will do the race and then the speaking engagement.  

My skills though, my strength, my ability to manage stress healthier, and willpower have changed.  I attribute part of it to running.  I know I sound like a crazy runner girl, but I think it’s true.  I am learning about patience and pacing as well as delayed gratification and perseverance.  I can’t wait to get outside and do more running so that I can just run and run and see what the world or Vegas has out there for me.

Monday I am checking out Team Challenge the running team for the Chron’s and Colitis foundation.  They sound like a lot of fun and some great running/race opportunities.  So don’t be surprised if I don’t start promoting them and the fundraising.  I have some questions and want to make sure this is a commitment I can do.  The benefit they offer me would me would be some support and coaching.  The benefit I could offer them is my passion for running and my loud mouth asking for help (HA!).  I am very hopeful and can’t wait to find out more.

So despite not getting to run today, disappointing for sure, I had a pretty good day.  I just know that I am physically too tired and don’t want to wipe myself out or injure myself being careless.  I hope you have a great night and fingers crossed I will get to hike on Saturday!  As for doing 10 miles on Sunday, I will probably push further than 6 miles, but not sure if it will be the whole 10, I have to listen my body on that.

Self care

No post tonight, taking time to take care of me and my boyfriend.  See you tomorrow!

Inspirational blogs and confessions of a worry wart

As promised I want to share a few good blogs that I have discovered recently.  I still read many of my favorites, but lately I am getting more into the running so obviously that tends to be where my reading pleasure is as well.  Some of these people are very inspirational to me.  They run not just because they love it, but to help gain some control back in their lives.  They have a illnesses that are often devastating and mean you can’t exercise; at least that would be an excuse and given their diseases I doubt anyone would argue with them.  Some of these bloggers are more like me, someone who lost who they were along the way.  People that had responsibilities and got out of balance when it comes to caring for self and others and they are finding their way back.

  • Running from MS– she recently (this year) got the diagnosis of MS and has decided that she is going to continue to run and care for herself.  She is running to help keep her body strong and better able to fight what MS does and to out run the “nasty” thoughts that might cloud her mind.  I am truly inspired by her and her story and hope she continues to share along the way.
  • Lung warrior– this is a Facebook page, if he has a blog I haven’t found it yet.  He has chronic lung disease and has had it for year, he is training for two marathons and an ultra marathon.  He went from 355lbs, with multiple metabolic issues and side affects from being on steroids for years to a runner who is no longer dependent on his supplemental oxygen and is only 225lbs.  Wow!  I work with people everyday that are on oxygen or fighting addiction to keep from being on oxygen, this is an amazing thing.
  • Running4me– another Facebook page of a mom of two who is learning to find balance in her life and time to still care for herself.
  • runner unleashed– she has had multiple injuries and scoliosis, but refuses to give up despite doctors telling her to.  Just reading her story is inspirational let alone the blog. 

As for me, running helps me keep my sanity.  It is my island in a world full of uncertainty and chaos.  It is the one thing I can control to some extent.  I may have things delay a run, like injury or time constraints, but nothing will ever tell me I cannot run.  I gained that freedom and I am not giving it back.  If I have to go back to a shuffle later in life I will, but I will do everything I can to be able to lace up my shoes and run for the rest of my life.  It’s time for me to take care of me instead of others.  There is a whole part of my life that I don’t share here, the part where I constantly take care of others.  A part that I think is both my greatest strength and weakness.  This is where I take care of me, by caring for my body.  So here I am laying it out again, I am over eating, emotional eating, compulsively eating, whatever you choose to call it, again.  I struggle with this and have for years, I just spent most years not caring.  My boyfriend called me out on it yesterday and I snapped at him knowing full well that he was right (I hate it when he is right, but love that he is smart).  So no more excuses of “hey I am running 5 miles twice a week and long miles on the weekend” or “I’m in training I will burn it off”.  I need to call myself out on it and name it for what it is and deal with the things I am letting trigger me.  I have to once again remind myself of what I can and cannot control.  So I will pray and turn it over to God to care for them and just be there.  Worrying will not change the outcomes, they will only add to my own physical and psychological ailments.  I cannot take care of everything for everyone.  Thank you for reading and allowing me to share.

Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to do my 5 miles before work, will perhaps setting a new PR.  I am after all in training…

One foot in front of another

For some reason today was a struggle when I got to the gym.  I got up early, 7 am, and headed out to the gym to run my 6.2 miles. We are in monsoon season here in Vegas and when it rains it dumps water and blows with a vengeance.  It only does this a few times a year so the city has apparently decided not to put in better drainage,  thus we get floods. So, I was left running inside, *sigh*, again…

I stretched (dynamic stretching which is considered better to do as a warm up for activities like running), and SERIOUSLY debated walking off that treadmill and going home.  I almost posted to Facebook about my reluctance, but instead a post caught my eye. It was about the numbers 3.1, 6.2, 13.1, and 26.2.  If you don’t know it those are the mileage points for a 5k, 10k, half marathon,  and a marathon.  The post said that those were more than numbers and more than races,  they represent blood/sweat/tears/joy/commitment/pain/sacrifice.  All of it earned with every step you take all on your own.

So I started the treadmill and ran. It occurred to me that every time I was feeling defeated, tired, or lazy and I took that first few steps I won.  I’m learning some good life lessons that my hard headed self should have learned already.  Exercise is a way to develop willpower there is no doubt in my mind.  I could dwell more on the past and what I could have done different if I’d had more, but I’m feeling good and dwelling on the past isn’t always helpful.  Instead I’m going to keep remembering to take that first step to win.

I’m going to shout out to a few inspirational bloggers in tomorrows post people with great motivations to run. I hope you consider checking them out. I also have pretty well decided to do the 10k before work in August.  Based on today’s time of 1:09 (and a few seconds) I think I can do it and have time for work.  I’ll let you know.

*I did do my food prep with a lot of my usual goodies, I’m loving fruit on my salad!  I also kept some veggies on the side for turkey chilli tonight and some for a smoothie later in the week. 

Rock n Roll here I come!

I did it, I got my registration for my big race.  It will be the first half marathon that I do and it will be a big one!  I am 100% committed for it now, yikes!  I am already almost up to 10 miles, I am scheduled to hit that next week, and I am pretty sure I will come in around 2 1/2 hours when I do.  I hope it will be faster, but we will have to see how it goes.

Right now I am looking for some 5k and 10k races to do in the mean time so I can get used to doing more road races and running in crowds.  I had one picked out, but I am supposed to work later that morning, speaking on my weight loss experience and on food addiction.  Honestly, this is one of those times I get a crazy notion in my head and feel compelled to do it.  I actually think I could swing it if I took clothes to change into or not worry about it and show the weight support group where they could be with hard work…see what I mean, crazy notion and it’s taken hold.

I am super excited about my half marathon though and I already plan to sign up for some more.  It honestly will become a matter of how I will get to some of them and fit them in with my responsibilities.  Dang adult responsibilities.  Tomorrow I will be running a simple 10k probably inside due to the monsoon season.  It will be kind of nice to have a shorter run, yeah strange thinking of 6.2 miles as simple never thought that would happen.  I hope to get more info on the race and maybe even run the course once it gets cooler out.  It’s up and down the strip so I should be able to do that.

Today I was supposed to rest, but decided to work my arms a bit as well as my core.  I have some time to make up for where I skipped out so I was due.  The funny thing is I have all of this equipment around, including some stability balls.  The stability balls aren’t blown up due to space issues.  My boyfriend suggested I blow them up to use them then deflate each time if I need.  I thought why would I do that, that is a pain?  Then it hit me, wow, once again I am saying that something that is important for me is too hard to do.  The messages that I give myself are sometimes very off.  My fitness is important, being healthy and strong is important.  I need to remember that sometimes and deal with the minor inconveniences.  So I blew it up and it’s sitting there in my closet half inflated right now for easier storage and so I have fewer excuses because it won’t take any time at all to finish.

That’s the trick is really overcoming those excuses and barriers that we have to doing important things.  Make time to take care of yourself so you have the strength you need later.  So on that note, I probably will go ahead and do that race.  I am going to consider it for a bit more before I commit fully, but it’s a pretty solid chance.

Fighting with yourself to do the right thing

I have struggled lately, like for months since I started training for the half marathon, with doing strength training.  I don’t hate it by any means, I know it’s importance, I just don’t enjoy it as much as running and given the choice I will run first.  As a result I have noticed that the muscle development has gone down in my arms AND my body has adapted to the running so I can tell I am not burning as many calories.  So what to do, what to do….

Today I had an epiphany, really it was just logic and for whatever reason it took me a while to think of it.  I did my strength training first, super simple I know.  I still floundered a bit, part of why I think it’s not as appealing to me, as I didn’t really have a plan on what to do.  I get into the gym I see the equipment, I know how to use most of it, but I really don’t know what I am going to do.  Here is where my studying to be a certified trainer is going to pay off!

I am learning about the type of movements that will increase my speed and overall health.  I am also learning about how to set goals or decide what I want to accomplish so that I don’t feel so lost when I get in the gym.  When I think about it, I felt kind of lost when I started running as well and I had to do some research and develop a plan.  Well it makes sense that I am doing that once again, just with trying to balance things out and add the strength training.  So here is part of the plan:

  • I can do a plank for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, so I am upping the ante and doing it on a balance ball now, where I can do it for about 1 minute.  I want to have a strong core to support the rest of my body.  A strong core is essential to help keep you from hurting your back for one and provides general stability to the hip girdle, which is essential in preventing injuries as you grow older.
  • I want kick butt arms and to minimize the way my “wings” look.  My arms were pretty fat so I have lots of skin there.  The best option is to build up the muscle and it will make the extra skin look less saggy.
  • I want stronger legs; now you might say, but your running long distances aren’t your legs strong?  Yes they are, but there is always room to strengthen the muscles, in particular around the knees, to help prevent further injury.
  • I want a stronger back and chest; I want to be able to to a pull up still and I know that strong chest and back muscles will be essential.

So by the end of the weekend I am going to put together a list of exercises that I can do to help me achieve those things.  Hal Higdon gave me the plan for running, now it’s time for me to make one for the strength training.  I am putting it out here to, because I know me and I am more likely to follow through when I make the commitment known.  Just like I make myself run some days (so far the runner me has won each time), I am going to have to prepare to make myself lift and strengthen too.  It will help with my blerch too; the terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances will explain that if you need.  It’s not the right thing as in from a moral standpoint, but the right thing for me to take care of my body.

writers block

I am having writers block and just want to do some studying so no new post tonight.  If you have Facebook please check out my page there I do have some great links that I have shared.  You can also find me on Twitter as @Formerlyfatgirl.  Now before I go read I am going to do a bit of resistance training…something I need to get better about.  Have a great night while I churn around some ideas for tomorrow’s post as well.

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