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I am taking a much needed break tonight and not posting a ton.  I have been pretty tired from the last week or so, between vacation and driving a ton of hours.  I hope you all had a great and active Saturday; I myself went to the gym and got some weight lifting in and some core work.  My burpees were a bit shaky, another sign that I need to get some rest.  Tomorrow’s agenda includes my food prep of course for the rest of the week and getting at least 5 miles in.  My original schedule is for 7 tomorrow, but during vacation I didn’t keep up with running as well as I should have so I will need to build some strength back up.  I can’t wait though to get to the day where I can say I did 7 miles.  Crazy as it seems it really excites me to meet these new milestones.

Before I go there are a few links that I want to share of some great articles and ideas for recipes, etc.

  • How to improve your body image – this is from the page the Greatest which offers a lot of fitness and nutrition information I love the information they have on here.
  • Live, Love, Run- Real Bodies– I love this woman’s blog, she has a lot of insight into the metamorphosis of finding the real you and getting healthy.  She provides a lot of insight that I highly encourage you check out.
  • Dare you to: Overcome ED – this is actually a guest post, a very wonderful one where the guest is sharing about her eating disorder and how she worked to overcome it.  
  • The psychology of workout music– interesting and not surprising article.

Just a few things for you to check out that I hope you like.  I hope you had a great Saturday and that tomorrow brings you a great day as well so you can recharge yourself before the work week begins.  Wish me luck on getting 5 miles, well I might try to push to 6 at least, just have to listen to my body on that one. 


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