Running update/Happy National Running Day

HAPPY RUNNING DAY!!!!! Okay so seriously I don’t know who named it that, but according to all of the websites and many of the blogs I follow it is national running day.  So today’s cross or 2 mile run was an easy choice, I ran.  In fact I am rather proud because I even went home, ignored dinner, laced up and went to the gym (it’s over 100 degrees out so the gym was a no brainer).  I did pretty awesome actually and almost thought about going my whole 4 miles today, but reconsidered and decided maybe 4 miles two days in a row might be a bit much.  I think this short run was great for me though, I felt so much better than I have all week!  

I have talked before about my struggles with depression, this week was kicking my butt.  No major particular reason really, just a funk that I couldn’t shake and some poor choices on my part.  I didn’t respond well and over ate a few times, which led me to being even more irritated.  It sucks, but even the best of us have problems at times.  That is part of why I am pretty proud that despite all of that I did two things to really take care of me today: 1) I turned down a very delicious looking homemade cupcake 2) I left the house after being home and went to the gym.  Two major accomplishments for me quite honestly.  I did not dwell on the rationalization of I am running/training (kindly provided by the offerer of the cupcake) and I did not decide it wasn’t worth it to get out.  Tomorrow is another 4 mile run in prep for a 6 mile run, I am not sure how I am going to handle that as it is going to be record setting heat and that means it won’t cool off much overnight.  I may end up doing part of the run on one treadmill and part on another, that will get some looks, LOL!

Sorry for the short post tonight, but I am doing some research and catching up on some bloggers I follow.  Me and my pink taped knees will talk to you tomorrow!


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