Food prep and Hemp protein reveiw

I did it, the 2nd of my 5 miles.  It was a bit easier this time than the last, I focused on just finishing and did it on the road rather than the gym  Which meant getting up at 6:30 and out the door at 7 am, thank you Vegas heat.  It was a great way to start the day though, I really enjoyed being out there clearing my head and listening to my favorite songs.  I will however have to get some new music on my phone by the time I do the race I think.  I made it in 1hr and 37 seconds, worked out to about a 12:05 pace.  The more I work my body the more I know the pace will pick up naturally.  I am also focusing on more strength training and pushing myself there more so I can improve my time.  I found that I hit a bit of a wall at 4.5 miles both physically and mentally, so I had to push myself a bit more to finish then.  I really felt great after this run though, I must say I have been in a good mood all day.

So for my food prep I made my usual salad with quinoa and chicken.  I grilled some steaks for dinner so I threw my chicken on too after marinating it most of the day.  I also cut up a ton of veggies for snacking and will pair them with some peanut butter again I love peanut butter, what can I say. 

The peanut butter, some greens, a cucumber, some yogurt, a bit of milk, my hemp protein powder, and a banana (for taste) will make a smoothie on Thursday that will be lunch on Friday.  I will also be putting together some protein bars tomorrow.  I decided I am going to try dried apricots/cranberries for the base and then add my usual stuff, except I will be putting in some instant coffee.  I plan on making enough to take with me on my trip.  In fact I will be doing some brewing of green tea, wasabi peas, and the protein bars as part of staying alert.  That and lots of water to stay hydrated.  I may throw a protein smoothie in as well or at least take some of my protein powder with for later.  I am going to figure out my menu shortly and I will be taking a few Twizzlers with me, they make good road trip food,  I will leave most of the package here and I am positive it will be gone when I get back. 

In case you are wondering I thought I would finish my post with a review of the Hemp protein powder that I am using Manitoba Harvest .  Let me just say, I like it, but it was my very first purchase and try of protein powder.  I got it at Whole Foods (love that place) and when I was looking I found that most of the powders had a very common 2nd or 3rd ingredient, SUGAR.  Some variation of sugar was listed and then a ton of names of things that I couldn’t pronounce much less know what they were.  This product didn’t have that, in fact I knew all of the words in it and the ingredient list was short and sweet.  That is one of the biggest pros, I am not the best at clean eating, but I am trying to be more conscious about it.  The con, it’s pretty gritty so it doesn’t mix too well with just liquids.  I like the taste, but lets just say it’s a good thing that my Ninja doesn’t make my smoothies totally smooth.  It blends in so I don’t notice the gritty taste.  The company website does say they have a variety that is ground much smoother and if I can find it I will try that next time.  I also may go for vanilla if I can find that. 

I would give it a B+, it has a good amount of supplements in it (14g of Omega 3 & 6 and 9g of fiber among some), decent protein, tastes good, and is pretty darn clean.  It’s plant based and vegan so if you want to stay away from animal proteins this is a good option.  The website has some recipes for baking with it and maybe if I start baking on my grill I will give it a try.  As of right now it’s in the 100 degree range outside so, probably not going to bake much.  Here is a link to their page on this particular product, they have a ton of them to choose from and lots of recipes Manitoba Harvest

Tomorrow’s workout is all about stretching and some strength and from this point on my short runs are 4 miles, ugh…at least it’s before I seem to hit the wall.  A week from today is 6 miles, YIKES!  We will see how that goes….I have to do it outside since the treadmill won’t work past 60 minutes.  I hope you had a great day and see you tomorrow!


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