It’s all in your head or it’s all about your mindset

I love when I get the opportunity to be present when people have aha moments; seriously it’s a wonderful energy.  Today I got to experience that while sitting in on a group and I literally got chills as various people where sharing their realizations about not dieting but making a lifestyle change and how they had to retrain their thoughts about themselves and what they are doing.  In fact I had the inspiration for this blog topic before this group and it was like my aha moment on the need to write about it.  Sometimes God is subtle in speaking to us and sometimes he hits us upside the head, this was at least a gentle tap.
I have talked about my own self talk and messages that I have that I give myself in some of my other posts, but I want to make sure that I am clear and perhaps spell out the relationship between the way we think and feel and therefore act.  Like I shared yesterday I ran my miles, but it was a day where it was a pretty close call.  I was feeling lazy and had some frustrations going on and I just about talked myself out of doing it.  I knew though if I went that way the rest of the day would be even easier to blow.  I could easily have feed into the thoughts going through my head: I’m tired, I can’t do this, no one would know, I’d rather be doing anything else, how long is this 3.5 miles going to take…On and on and on, right?  Instead I used the power of self talk to get myself motivated and going.
Your outlook on the things going on around you and inside your head will directly impact the choices you make in life, period.  I can choose to tell myself I hate my job and believe me it will, in my life, become the worst job I have ever had, even if it wasn’t.  If I believe that I will cross that finish line I will do it. When I did that 5 mile run I almost gave up doing it in an hour.  I mean I argued in my head about whether I could pull it off or not.  I was down to the wire with 7 minutes left and .75 miles left and I thought “you can’t make it, you will never make it”.  I realized what I was doing and yelled at myself to stop!  Then I focused on “I have made it this far, I am not stopping!”  “I will make it under an hour!”  “You can do it, push it, don’t give up!” I can tell you when I made it I was over the top with happiness!  I imagined that was close to what I will feel when I cross the finish line later this year.

Sometimes we have to change what that voice in your head is saying.  If it says “you can’t” tell it “I can and I will”.  Counter all of those negative things with positive ones.

  • I’m ugly….I’m beautiful 
  • I’m fat…my weight can change I’m focusing on healthy, the size of my body doesn’t dictate my worth
  • I could never…I can
  • It’s hopeless…there is always tomorrow

 What are some thoughts that you need to change that go through your head?  What are you talking yourself out of or what can you talk yourself into?  What positive affirmation can you say to yourself to build yourself up instead of knocking yourself down?


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