Food is a drug Part II

As you might guess the foods that lend themselves to being addictive are the ones that are higher fat, full of refined sugar, and starchy carbohydrates.  These all play a role in providing some of those hormones I mentioned yesterday (serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine).  That’s why they are called comfort foods; I mean seriously hand me a spoon and a bowl full of mashed potatoes and I am one happy girl.  I will say that personally after experimenting I have found I do much better with having fat in what I eat.  I have found that it leaves me feeling fuller quicker and is much more satisfying; this could be because if it has fat they tend to put less refined sugar in it.
Okay I have identified I am addicted to food or am an emotional eater, what now?  Here are some tools and techniques to help that will work whether you are an emotional eater or addicted.
Preventative tools

  • DON’T KEEP IT ON HAND: If you have a binge food, don’t have it around I have said this over and over, I stand by it as sound advice.
  • EMOTIONS: Dealing with emotions is vital in this process for many reasons.  Many times even if you are an addicted eater you are also an emotional eater.  The way you discovered the addiction was the desire to feel comfort or mood change when the food of choice was eaten you got the physiological response you needed to soothe the emotions and the addictive cycle was born.  As you go through and possibly eliminate foods you are also ending a relationship with food that is unhealthy.  Grief is very likely to occur at this loss.  There are also frustrations and emotions that will occur as you work to get other people on board with changes.
  • SUPPORT: Develop a support network of people that get where you are coming from.  Therapy is extremely helpful here to deal with emotions as I said above.  There are also many groups out there that offer sponsors who can also help keep you accountable.

  • COPING SKILLS: Find pleasurable activities, rewards, visualization, imagery, deep breathing, and ways to relax that have nothing to do with food.  It’s not always easy to figure this one out, but it is vital.  You can’t expect change if you reward yourself for eating healthier by getting ice cream.  Especially if you are addicted to sugar and carbohydrates because that is exactly what ice cream is.  In a minute we will practice some of these skills.

  • TRIGGERS:  In substance abuse we talk a lot about knowing what triggers you to use.  The same thing goes here.  What triggers you to eat uncontrollably?  Fighting with coworkers or significant others?  Certain times of the day/month/year?  Certain smells?  Do an inventory because if you know your triggers than you can think ahead of time how you might deal with them.

  • ABSTINENCE:  There are an increasing amount of treatments that focus on total abstinence from the addictive foods.  This is much like someone in recovery from drugs or alcohol.  However this is something that you need to be careful with and work with a doctor or dietitian in order to make sure you are still getting proper nutrition.  We can live without drugs and alcohol, but you cannot live without food.  PLEASE DON”T DO THIS WITHOUT GUIDANCE!!!  Sugar is often the first food that is cut out for abstinence.  There are many forms of sugar to consider and again getting some assistance for this is helpful.  Cutting sugar out does not mean cutting out foods that NATURALLY have sugar (i.e. fruits) but is more of a reference to cutting out foods with added sugars and sweeteners.  The other food that is looked at for abstinence is simple carbohydrates.  Again this is something that it is helpful to get some guidance on.

 Intervention tools

  • Not surprisingly many of the intervention tools are the same as the prevention.  Delay, distract, change where you are, reach out to friends, deep breathe and do some visualization.

  • Mindfulness techniques play a big role here as well; once you start making connections as to the emotions that are related to your binge eating using self-talk to remind yourself of what you are doing really help.

Here is a list of some suggested reading and resources I have also included some examples of mindfulness techniques to help you:
Meditations to use
1)         Concentration meditation: focus on a single point, describe it to yourself, and focus on details, the closer you look the more you might see.
2)         Mantra Meditation: Use familiar phrases or prayers.  For example:
Prayer of St. Francis
Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen
Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.
Tranquility in front of me.
Calmness beside me.
Stillness around me.
Compassion inside me.
Mindfulness techniques from “50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food”:
Count on your senses pg 611
When you have trouble clearing your mind of thoughts of food, try focusing on your senses.
State one scent you can smell.
Name two sounds you can hear.
Describe three sensations your body is feeling, such as temperature, the texture of your sweater, and your feet against the ground.
Identify four colors that you see.
To yourself begin by naming five things you see in front of you.
JOURNALING: This is a good way to start sorting your thoughts and can be helpful in the recovery process to identify triggers and emotional issues that lead to over eating.  Perhaps one type of journaling might involve “looking at the bright side” where you pick a positive time in your life and write about everything you can remember about it.
LAUGH:  listen to or watch your favorite comedy, nothing relieves stress like laughing so hard you cry or pee.
SOOTHING: Find a soothing object, something related to good memories or that is soothing.  Keep it handy and when you feel distressed pick it up and use it.  It could be anything from a piece of jewelry to a pen to a book.  Find a soothing saying or affirmation for yourself.  Keep it nearby or post it in the house perhaps so that you can look at it and read it.  Also consider having soothing pictures, music, your favorite clothes, blanket, or tea. 
My favorite de-stressor to be honest; walking, jogging, any kind of physical activity can release natural hormones (such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine) that reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.  If you aren’t confident enough to go to the gym there are plenty of things you can do at home.  It will help increase your confidence of being able to make change as well.
DEEP BREATHING AND PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION: Again I can’t stress the benefits enough of this.  Progressive muscle relaxation is just like it sounds.  Tensing each group of muscles in your body one at a time (progressively) and then relaxing them.  Start at either the top of your head or with your feet.  Tense and hold each body part for 10 seconds then relax for 10 until you have tensed all parts.  Deep breathing is release all of your breath, then breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 7, and then breathe out through your mouth for 8.  If you haven’t practiced this for a while do each part as much as you are able.  When you breathe try to get more breath through using your gut rather than your chest.

“50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food” by Susan Albers PSY.D.
“Eating Mindfully” by Susan Albers PSY.D.
“Anatomy of a Food Addiction: the Brain Chemistry of Overeating.”  Anne Katherine, M.A.
Overeaters Anonymous 
Food Addicts Anonymous  
National Eating Disorders Association 
Food Addiction Institute
ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services
I hope all of this has been helpful and at least gives you a place to start for support and information.  I do highly suggest that you get assistance from a professional if food has become a struggle.  It’s much “easier” to deal with other drugs or substances, because you can live without them, food we cannot live without.  With some help and support you can change the relationship that you have with food to a healthier one. 

Food is a drug Part I


Okay I have teased at this a few times in the past I know, but I am finally getting to discussing the concept of food addiction.  *Please note this major disclaimer: I am not in any way, shape, or form diagnosing anyone who reads this as being a food addict.  That determination is very individualized and should really be explored with a mental health/addiction professional that has experience in working with eating disorders.  Now with that out of the way let’s discuss it a bit with this as a foundation.
  • The treatment for over eating/binge eating, emotional eating, and food addiction is basically the same. 
  •  At this point the notion of food as an addiction is still technically being researched and debated; however research (mostly on rats at this point) does show signs of actual physical cravings.
  • There are several things that are looked at to see or understand how we would define addiction: loss of control(attempt to control the how much and can’t), withdrawals (think headaches from lack of caffeine or sugar), physical cravings, tolerance(more taken in to get same effect more salt or sugar for instance), continued use despite biological/psychological/social problems (diabetic but still eating sweets), used or taken for longer than intended or in larger amounts than intended (eating more of the cake than I thought), and a great deal of time/energy spent to obtain/use/recover from the substance (ate too much at dinner sleeping it off on the couch all night).
  • The information we have on the reactions in the brain to certain foods will sound extreme and possibly disheartening, please know if I didn’t believe in the concept of recovery I wouldn’t even bother with my current field.  I would probably still be 250lbs even if you want to get down to it.
There are certain chemicals in the body that help to influence the way we feel and how we function.  Among those are some that may sound familiar to you and as you will see surprisingly are influenced by food.
ENDORPHINS: Endorphins are a natural body chemical similar to morphine.  Sugar and starch intake stimulates endorphin secretion.  So as we take in sugar and starch continuously the result could be that we become addicted to our own endorphins.  So we eat to trigger a release, because when our endorphins are released, we feel better.  When we get stressed we release Dynorphin, which is an appetite stimulant so we believe we are hungry or empty.  So bottom line endorphins make us feel better.  If you are stressed you might not be getting the endorphins that are needed to deal with stress so we crave sweets as a relief.  Increased sweet eating increases the amount of receptors for endorphin thus perpetuating the compulsive desire to eat sweets/carbs.
DOPAMINE: research is starting to show that there is a correlation between certain food intake and an increase in dopamine receptors, very similar to the reaction produced by alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and other narcotics.  The act of chewing is thought to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that increases comfort levels.  Chewing is also a way that we send a message to our bodies that we are getting full, so this is an important bodily process.  Interestingly there are also some studies looking at the connection between dopamine deficiency and addiction.  In other words someone might be predisposed to addiction if you don’t naturally make enough dopamine.
SEROTONIN:  The website helps to explain how this chemical in the body interacts with food. 
Serotonin synapses in the brain signal the alleviation of physical and emotional pain, and someone without enough serotonin can be quite anxious or depressed. The highs become too high and the lows become too low. When refined carbohydrates (sugar, flour, alcohol) are ingested, serotonin is manufactured and released. This was first presented to the general public as a problem of addiction by Kay Sheppard in Food Addiction: the Body Knows. The current science on this is best summarized by Katherine in her more recently revised Anatomy of a Food Addiction: the Brain Chemistry of Overeating. Katherine explains:
So if your serotonin level is functioning poorly and your life becomes stressful, you can get some relief by eating sugar. We all learn pain relief very quickly. When something stops pain we repeat it. If sugar stops pain for you, you will eat it again.”
There is also evidence that serotonin decreases eating because we get a “feedback loop” that tells us we have had enough and to stop eating.  If there is a malfunction there we don’t receive the message then we will continue to eat.  So for instance someone with this issue may find themselves eating an entire loaf of bread because their body doesn’t tell them “STOP!”  After eating the whole loaf of bread they crash both physically and mentally.
How do I tell if I am a food addict or an emotional eater?  Look at the definition listed above to see if you have an addiction problem.  Right now to define whether you are physically addicted to food is somewhat difficult as the field is still emerging.  With physical addiction there does usually come physical craving (false starving), mental obsession (false thinking), often past trauma, and weight.  
Tomorrow I will post some suggestions on how to cope or manage the problems that come with food addiction.  Look for Food as a Drug Part II tomorrow…

Feeling like a bottomless pit on running days

I can’t help it, I get so hungry on the days that I run.  Yesterday in particular I felt like I was a bottomless pit; I ate and ate and ate…I’m not really on the I need to lose weight band wagon anymore (not that I would really mind it), but I know if I am running there is a difference in the approach.  I think what I struggled with the most was feeling like I was headed the wrong direction with some eating habits I am trying to change.  So what do I do?

Here’s what I am finding so far in my research, keeping in mind that everyone responds differently so I may have to tweek it a bit:

  • Take a look at how much protein I am eating in my recovery meal.  According to Jackie Dikos, RD in an article from Running Times, “The ideal recovery snack or meal will be rich in carbohydrates (roughly half your body weight in grams of carbohydrate) and include a source of protein (6-20g).” So for me that would be 74 grams of carbohydrates and since I know my body prefers protein I would stay on the higher side closer to 20grams.  Recover Right with Whole Foods
  • Increase electrolytes- for me this does not mean Gatorade, sorry I just won’t drink the stuff.  Too many chemicals for my taste so I will go with some suggestions provided in the article Top Marathon Recovery Foods on  They suggest turning to fruits and fruit juices; things like berries, bananas, and other colorful fruits. Top Marathon Recovery Foods
  • Increase my veggies- I am trying to stay away from completely reloading with simple carbohydrates (i.e. breads, rice, pasta).  They have their place in my diet and when I eat them I try to make it whole grain, but I want to make sure I get plenty of complex carbohydrates. 
  • Drink more water- I know my recovery is impacted by needing more water in my daily intake.  Not to mention how much I take in while exercising.  It’s important especially in the summer months when sweat rolls off you easily.

So in preparation I will be cooking up some of my barley to add to some meals and grabbing a sweet potato to microwave for my longest run this Sunday.  I will probably take a look at adding a glass of milk to my recovery meal too so I can increase the protein.  I am going to have to figure it out and thankfully have some good resources to draw from for some advice.  I can tell though, that my body is adjusting to this increase of exertion and I love it.  I mean I really love the fact that I can actually go as far as I am and not feel like death warmed over.  I am also going to make an effort to shut that voice up in my head that says negative things about pigging out.  If I expend energy I have to refuel, it’s just that simple.

I wonder any runners out there that can give me some feedback on how their diets changed as they started out? What combination works well for you?

Running update and Sunday prep

Ahh…Sunday, one of my favorite days of the week.  Today I did my usual prep for the week, cutting up veggies galore and cooking my chicken.  I decided to use the crock pot for my chicken; I discovered that if you just put the chicken in (or any meat really) with a few veggies and spices and just let it cook you will get a very nice juicy piece of meat.  No additives or preservatives (if you get the right chicken) so it is clean eating.  I have my salad greens to put it with and sadly the last of my tomatoes that I bought during my trip home.  They were very good and I shall miss them…I will have to search out a farmers market here to get more fresh veggies.  On top of that I have my yogurt, almonds, dried fruits, and will make my egg sandwiches for the week. 

Now to my favorite part, the running….

I have pink knees at the moment to help support them after not running for a bit and because driving made them really stiff.  I use KT tape, which offers great on line and print directions.  It’s important to know if you just need some taping and if you have an injury, for me it’s just for some support in an effort to prevent injury.  I got off schedule on vacation, kind of figured it might happen, but I am getting back on track.  I was able to do a 4.5 mile run on Thursday and I really wanted to run on Saturday, but knew that if I was going to do a long run on Sunday I should hold off.  Instead I worked on lifting my weights like a good girl and ran my ever loving butt off today.  I got 6.5 miles in and would have pushed for the full 7, but I started feeling pretty weak at the end so I didn’t want to push it.  The great news is that I got 5 miles in by 58 minutes and 30 seconds and the whole run in 69.25.  Rocking my time better than ever before!  I am so happy with my progress, I am steadily getting faster and stronger.  In fact I actually have only 500 more steps to go today and I will hit 20,000! 

I would post more, but I must get at least a little studying in today since I am on a countdown for my CPT exam.  I also want to look up a local running group, I have been toying with the idea of joining one so I need to figure out the details.  I think running with a group on occasion will help me.  Have a great night!

Link love

I am taking a much needed break tonight and not posting a ton.  I have been pretty tired from the last week or so, between vacation and driving a ton of hours.  I hope you all had a great and active Saturday; I myself went to the gym and got some weight lifting in and some core work.  My burpees were a bit shaky, another sign that I need to get some rest.  Tomorrow’s agenda includes my food prep of course for the rest of the week and getting at least 5 miles in.  My original schedule is for 7 tomorrow, but during vacation I didn’t keep up with running as well as I should have so I will need to build some strength back up.  I can’t wait though to get to the day where I can say I did 7 miles.  Crazy as it seems it really excites me to meet these new milestones.

Before I go there are a few links that I want to share of some great articles and ideas for recipes, etc.

  • How to improve your body image – this is from the page the Greatest which offers a lot of fitness and nutrition information I love the information they have on here.
  • Live, Love, Run- Real Bodies– I love this woman’s blog, she has a lot of insight into the metamorphosis of finding the real you and getting healthy.  She provides a lot of insight that I highly encourage you check out.
  • Dare you to: Overcome ED – this is actually a guest post, a very wonderful one where the guest is sharing about her eating disorder and how she worked to overcome it.  
  • The psychology of workout music– interesting and not surprising article.

Just a few things for you to check out that I hope you like.  I hope you had a great Saturday and that tomorrow brings you a great day as well so you can recharge yourself before the work week begins.  Wish me luck on getting 5 miles, well I might try to push to 6 at least, just have to listen to my body on that one. 

New beginnings

I am excited to share that I have enrolled in NASM’s program to become a personal trainer.  I know that this is going to be an asset to me in my passions and at my job.  I can’t wait to get the materials and start studying; something I never thought I would say.  That said it might mean my posts get a bit short, I might also have some great info to share.  I have a limited time to complete it in so studying will be a priority so that I can pass the exam.  My employer is paying for a part of it so, no pressure…ha!

I am just so fascinated now with how the body works and amazed at how we are able to function.  I will get to learn about how to take care of my body and help guide others with it as well.  I also will get to learn even more about nutrition, an obvious passion for me if you have read my posts.

Beyond this excitement I had another opportunity to hear some great change by the group at my work who are working their butts off (literally) to change their lives.  I can’t express how proud I am of all of them for changing their way of thinking and their relationship with exercise and food.  I can relate so much to what they are going through, it’s like observing the internal change I have gone through only on the outside.  The increased confidence has been wonderful to see as well.

Today they discussed stress and emotions and the role it plays in that relationship with food.  It’s hard to identify feelings when you stuff your face full of things meant to make you feel better.  If you research things you will find that certain things in food will increase good feelings because they cause a chemical reaction in our bodies, much like drugs or alcohol.  In fact there are studies out there that have shown that mice have reacted to sugar more strongly than cocaine.  I will actually get into this more later, but needless to say there is a reaction that when you hear about it makes sense.  I mean they don’t call them comfort foods for nothing…What I love is that this group is realizing that happiness doesn’t come from food, stress relief doesn’t have to come from food, and there are a lot of options out there you just have to find the right one for you. 

So let me ask, what do you do to relieve your stress? Have you found meditation, yoga, running, or other things that help you?  Please feel free to share the more ideas the better…

Things I wish I had known 20 years ago

So part of the reason for my trip home was a 20thhigh school reunion.  To me this was a big opportunity to do something (I think) a lot of formerly fat people dream of, show up as the “new” me.  When I last lived in my hometown I was 225 lbs; many of the people at this gathering hadn’t seen me since high school when I was hovering around 170-180 lbs easily.  So needless to say they all knew me as being fat, yes I use the “f” word a lot I know, but it was a part of my identity.
I planned it out; I got two different little black dresses, had a tasteful small sweater in case I got cold (and to hide what is left of the arm wings) and planned on showing off.  I know this was very shallow thinking, but I figured I have worked hard and I felt I deserved it.  Again there is a kernel of truth in there so I ran with it, as I am good at rationalizing (seriously if you need help let me know I can help you rationalize a lot it might be ethically wrong, but hey we all need a talent).  Well…Mother Nature had other plans and she threw in rain all weekend with a bit of a chill (especially for us thin blood people that live in a desert).  I ended up in a different outfit, but still a flattering one so I felt like it was okay.
I had seen some classmates already at other activities that day and knew that there would no doubt be more at the bar scene, well because it’s a bar scene.  I walked in and shortly after being there and talking to people my whole attitude changed…I am not sure what I expected to be honest, I hoped that I would get a few “wow’s” and a second look or two from people that never gave me a first look back in the day.  Sure I got a bit of that, but it’s the rest that really floored me and I wish that I could have heard these things back when I was a teenager.  In fact I wish my classmates and friends could have said these things out loud back then too, but being self-conscious teens we couldn’t.
As people came up and we talked I had several share that they were proud of me, “of me?” was all I could honestly think.  Some had known me since the first grade, 30 years (thank you Dax for adding it up and yes that is sarcasm).  They knew that I had struggled with my weight all of my life because, they saw me gradually get heavier and heavier.  I got acknowledgement for the hard work and heard from them a desire to make a change in their lives so they too could be healthier. 
The thing that struck me the most was this; many of them felt insecure and had horrible self-image back then.  I mean we are talking the “popular” kids, not just the “nerds” “band geeks”, etc. but the ones that everyone knew who they were.  In fact I was honestly a bit surprised that “they” knew who I was.  Several shared they were following my running exploits on Facebook.  One person shared with me how she struggled horribly through her childhood with believing she was fat, getting told this by meaningful people in her life only solidified it for her, I could relate.  What got me is I had no idea she was able to relate to me.  If you saw her you would be shocked to hear this like I was.  We discussed how getting older allowed the wisdom to look back and realize how little it all meant. 
I realized that time is a great equalizer; it allows us to grow up and find out who we really are.  Those identities that we had as kids really didn’t mean anything; it’s who we are now that matters.  So many of us were secretly (or not so secretly) insecure and had those inner demons telling us that we needed this or that to be better.  I would venture to say that most people had low self esteem as a kid and strived to get or keep friends and popularity. 
I wish I had realized that how I felt about myself was so similar to how they felt.  I think of all the time that I felt alone in this and wondered if they felt alone too.  If only as a teen we could have the courage to stand up and say these things.  I wish we could have admitted that we were insecure and trying to find ourselves and make some kind of meaning in life.  Several people said they were proud of me, for losing weight, moving to a big city, and doing the job I do to help others.  I can truly say that I am proud of them; they grew up and recognized what was really important in life.  Whether they are teachers, supervisors, accountants, or stay at home moms/dads they all work hard and take care of their families.  Many of them took on the responsibility of parenthood earlier than someone our age should have had to; I know that couldn’t have been easy. 
Underneath it all we are humans, striving for better, wanting to improve our lives.  Those that have kids want to make their lives better.  I hope this insight is helpful, encourage your kids whether they hear you or not to know it’s all temporary and that no matter how “cool” people act they are the same.  We aren’t alone in our thoughts and feelings for some of us (me) it just took 20 years to feel confident in who we are and figure it all out.

*Totally unrelated note, hadn’t really run this last week, but I pushed myself and got 4.5 miles in today, it felt great!

I’m back….mistakes and successes

I realize I haven’t posted much in the last week, I was on vacation and enjoying time with family and friends.  I had a lot of fun and while I certainly wasn’t perfect in my exercise and diet, it was an improvement compared to last year.  It’s a learning process to find what does and doesn’t work for you.  My packing food to take with me for the travel days to and from worked really well.  I actually should have cut up more veggies I think than I did.  Overall though, I ate pretty healthy on the way there and the way back.  There are a few things I wish I had done a bit better:

  • Controlled myself a bit better when I was eating out.  Portion control could have been better especially in light of the alcohol intake being increased.  Really the worst thing I had was a small frozen custard (Andy’s Frozen Custard a serious must if you ever visit southwest Missouri, if you splurge make this part of it).
  • Exercised a bit more than I did. I will have to figure this one out, because I really felt like I was burning the candle at both ends.  The time change really messes with me there, making it a bit difficult for the body to adjust.  I will admit that one afternoon, the last one that I was there, I chose to spend with my parents because I can run any time, but only had one more afternoon with them before I left.  

As I said, I made a few mistakes, things I will work to do differently next time, but really…I know that it was better this time.  I didn’t drink any energy drinks or soda, I did get a few workouts in, I stayed places where that was an option, and other than the custard  I really didn’t pig out on a ton of sweets. 

Now, it’s time to hit the ground running again, literally…not tonight because I am tired, but tomorrow I will get back to the gym and get some miles in.  I won’t probably get to 7 miles this weekend, but I will try to get 6 in if my body will do it.  I have to listen to it to make sure that I can.  I will say that driving for so many hours really stiffened my knees up in a horrible way.  I have taped them and hope that this will help them to feel better.  Tomorrow I will post about some insights that I gained from my 20 year high school reunion about self esteem and self image. 

Enjoying life with balance

I’m having a blast on vacation with friends and family. It’s good to recharge your soul. Even better i know I’m staying pretty on track, however, tonight and tomorrow with friends will be challenging. I over eat pretty easily especially when drinking, some people smoke, but food is my drug. That being said I’m going to familiar places with healthy choices.  As for the potluck I’m taking a veggie tray to try and lay off the chips, etc. 

I also plan to keep up with at least a few miles running a day.  Running in humidity is very different, my body really adapted to the dry heat more than i realized.  It’s important to relax on vacation obviously, but i feel great knowing I’m taking care of myself too. My training schedule is a bit off, but i have time to get mileage back up. I am doing pretty well with balancing fun and fitness.  I even got my best time so far on my run this morning!

Sorry for all the short posts, but it is vacation. 🙂

Traveling and staying on track

Today I hit the road early to head back to my home town. Being in the car for so long left my knees tender, but overall it has been a great trip. I’m not feeling like i over ate and i haven’t over done the caffeine.  I picked a place with a way to get my 4 miles in even.  I just have to get my internal clock on the right time zone. They have a breakfast here too, so i can snag some more fruit for the road. Can’t wait to see my family. Have a great night!

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