Finding some and making some support

The other day someone was talking to me about how to find motivation and I was talking about support being a big factor as well.  In making lifestyle changes it’s important to have some support.  Support takes shape in many ways and comes from a lot of areas.  One of the definitions of support is “to promote the interest or cause of” and that is what I hope to provide to you.  Even though there might not be a ton of people that read this or comment on it, I know that people read this and I hope that it helps.  Being able to share my journey has honestly helped me.  Sharing my goals out loud so to speak gives me a level of support and accountability.  It helps me actually work towards those things that I want to achieve instead of them being a secret wish or a bucket list (yes running a half marathon is on that list and doing it on the Strip at night with all kinds of wackiness is even better). 

The thing about having some outside support is that no one is 100% all of the time.  We have our days where we don’t feel that good or we get frustrated.  I’ve been known to have to drag myself to the gym or to go running.  Knowing that I have people out there cheering me on helps a lot, it helps me to stay on track with better choices and too dig down deep when I need to.  Having someone that gets where you are coming from and just gives a darn means a lot.  It can be difficult to find like minded people sometimes, but there is no reason to feel isolated and alone there is a whole world out there of people in pursuit of better health and a lifestyle change for the better.

So I want to post a few links up of places to find resources, support, and good fitness/nutrition information. 

  • Lean Green Bean– I am a total fan of this lady, she takes names and kicks butt.  Seriously though she is a Dietitian and has some great recommendations for food, she finds the best links, and shares a lot about exercise as well.  
  • FitFluential– this is a group of fitness experts and enthusiasts that share a ton of great information and inspiration.  
  • RunWiki– a marathon runner that is super inspiring and has some great information about her journey and some of the best gear out there.  Lots of great advice and links to other good blogs and websites as well.
  • Thrive Personal Fitness– this is a friend from wayyyyy back, she has turned her life around and is a kick butt trainer and motivational coach.  She has great information and is plugged into just about every social media resource out there, check her out!
  • Fitknitchick– A recent find for me, if you want some great workouts she has some that will kick your a@#.  She has them formatted for Pinterest if you follow that and also has her own YouTube channel as well where she demonstrates how to do the workouts.  
  • FFG Trying to See the Real Me– that’s right I started a FB page.  Here’s what I envision and I hope will happen: a page that those that want to declare goals, get support, share success, and offer support to others.  In the next month I am going to start my training to become a Certified Personal Trainer, as I go along I hope to be able to provide a few tidbits and once certified I want to help you find that person you always knew or hoped you could be, a healthy version of you.  I am not as knowledgeable as these ladies, but with some hard work I hope to be there some day.

So if you want some supports or have some great links or info to share please check out my new page and please check out all of these talented ladies and if they share a link I would check that out too.  See you tomorrow, it’s a short run 3.5 miles and a bit of strength training, gearing up for another 5 mile run on Sunday.  I may have someone roped into doing the half marathon with me, I think having a running partner will help and be pretty nice.


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