5 miles down and another 8 to go…

I did my longest run yet today, 5 miles nonstop 8.1 miles short of my long term goal.  I decided to do it at the gym because I wanted someone around if I needed help and in case of potty emergencies.  Seriously I hadn’t done it before so I felt a little comfort at having others around.  I discovered however, that the longest the treadmill will let you run at a time is 60 minutes and I was close to hitting that when I had .75miles left to go.  So I ended up finishing at a way faster speed than I was really used to.  It worked though and I did it just under an hour.

I started off kind of slow and just focused on gradually picking up the pace.  I covered the numbers on the machine with a magazine so I wouldn’t focus on the time and distance so much and would be able to just get into the run. I took the advice of my brother and tried to lose myself in the music.  As a result, there are a few songs I think I will take off the playlist because they really didn’t seem to help me.

I am pretty proud that I did it and that I did it at a good pace.  I stretched like crazy when I woke up because yesterday’s strength training kicked my butt!  I haven’t really done much in the way of free weights so I did that yesterday and boy do I feel it still!  So the day and night have been filled with stretching to help me get more limbered up. 

While running I figured out a few more things I can do to help me with my motivation, putting pictures up of the finish line for one and reaching out to a few other runners for their best tips.  I may even see if one of my nutritionist friends would meet with me to review a good eating plan for the race.  I can’t wait to hit my next big goal, but I have at least one more weekend of doing another 5 mile run and depending on how it goes I might do it one more weekend even.

Here’s my question to you do you have any tips for achieving your goals that would help here?  Not just running related, but good tips in general?  I will especially take tips on music that motivates and has a good pace.  I like all kinds so if you have some ideas lay it on me!  


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